The 4 best sights and photos of historical places in Tibet

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There are many photos of historical places in Tibet as Tibet has the oldest and most mysterious culture and religion in the world. Tibet is known as the roof of the world with an average altitude of 4900 meters. That’s why Tibet makes travel enthusiasts experience and photographers, and pilgrims always yearn to come, explore and learn about the religion that is considered the cradle of Theravada Buddhism. Please discover 4 photos of the history lists when visiting Tibet.

1. Potala Palace

Potala Palace rises from the Red Mountain in the heart of the Lhasa valley at an altitude of 3,700 meters, surrounded by massive walls, gates, and turrets. Potala Palace is the residence of the Dalai Lama, a complex that symbolizes Tibetan Buddhism and its central role in traditional Tibetan administration. Palace has many monasteries and is the resting place and living place of monks. The Potala’s scale and artistry are representative of Tibetan architecture, making it an outstanding example of theocratic architecture, forming a photo of historical place, a powerful and distinctive symbol of the union of secular and religious.

Potala Palace- one of the photos of historical places in Tibet
Potala Palace

In addition, there has a lot of historical documents, Tibetan Buddhist scriptures, and many rooms to store precious objects, but most of them have been plundered. Potala has been recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site since 1994. Therefore, the palace is a place not to be missed when traveling to Tibet because it is considered a historical photo of this emirate.

2. Mount Kailash – one of the photos of historical places and religion

Mount Kailash is a sacred place for four religions: Bon, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism. Legend has it that this is the abode of the gods, the gateway to the 7th invisible realm of the great sages, a holy place that keeps the treasures of mysterious knowledge of the ancients, also known as the mountain of all physical, metaphysical, and spiritual universes. Kailash is the ancestral land of life. According to mythology, Mount Kailash is the axis of the Earth or the ladder leading to the sky, the intersection between heaven and earth. Buddhism believes that the Buddha lived here and taught the Dharma to the gods and demons residing here.

mountain Kailash
mountain Kailash

Its miraculous form is a symbol of Buddhism: Mandala, meaning miniature universe, also means the convergence of merit and wisdom. Every year, thousands of pilgrims come to the mountain because they believe that walking around Kailash will remove sins and bring good luck. This is a photo of historical place as well as the most sacred religion of Tibet and the world.

3. Rongbuk Monastery – The world’s highest monastery

Rongbuk monastery
Rongbuk monastery

Rongbuk is the highest monastery in the world with an altitude of 5000m above sea level. Rongbuk Monastery is the monastery of the Nyingma sect of Tibetan Buddhism. The monastery was built in 1902 at a location about 700km southwest of Lhasa and about 360km northeast of Kathmandu, Nepal. This is an important pilgrimage site for locals. Near the monastery is the largest of the hundreds of glaciers that form around Mount Everest. Today, for tourists climbing Mount Everest, the monastery is an ideal highlight for the journey.

4. Pangong lake – Ladakh

Ladakh is the state of Tibet and Pangong Lake has an enchanting beauty with religious colors. Surrounded by two mountain ranges of Kunlun, China, and Himalaya in the south, Pangong is the convergence of the two largest and most sacred mountains of China, India, Nepal, and Pakistan. Pangong is a blue lake, especially with the color changing depending on the time of day. It is home to countless fish species, with Bird Islands and green vegetation stretching along the shore. The edge of the lake has rows of flags fluttering, it bears the symbol of the colors of Tibetan Buddhism.

Pangong lake
Pangong lake

The ideal time to visit this photo of the historical place is in the summer from June to September because at that time the scenery is the most beautiful and most suitable for travel. In the winter, the weather will totally freeze the lake which is only suitable for guests with good cold tolerance and who love to skate. However, this area is under military control, so a tourist pass is required by the city ​​government and must have a local guide.

This place also allows overnight camping activities by the lake if you want to stay to experience the aurora lights, watch the stars and galaxies, or sunrise over the lake in the early morning. However, the temperature at night in the lake can be very low, please make sure everyone stays warm and protects their health.

Do not hesitate any longer, book tickets and guided tours to connect and experience many photos of historical places right now.

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