Should or not participate boot camp experience tourism?

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What does boot camp experience tourism mean? Are you looking for boot camp tourism programs, and experience training methods to increase local tourism interaction? The boot camp experience tourism program will show you interesting perspectives on experiential tourism in general and sustainable tourism in particular and what will you get many values from the boot camp? The following article, we will introduce the basics of the program and the implications of the training session.

What is boot camp experience tourism?

Boot camp experience tourism is simply understood as a special training session on experiential tourism at a certain location such as local locations, to rigorously improve skills and in-depth knowledge for people seriously and professionally and has challenging.

boot camp experience tourism
Boot camp experience tourism in Japan

Boot camp experience tourism is a blend of endurance, resilience, and resolute, it is only applicable and effective for those who have gone through travel practice, requiring a high level of skill. Therefore, beginners will be overwhelmed, unable to adapt, and easily give up the hard work.

And especially in this experience tourism program, I will present the sustainable experiential tourism boot camp that I participated in at Ikina island, Kamijima town, Ehime prefecture, Japan.

The boot camp program and the benefits of a program I have experienced.

It takes two-day, one night of “domestic boot camp” that aims to increase the number of domestic tourists closely related to the area and to create a network.

People from various parts of the prefecture who want to do domestic tourism using local resources are concentrated in Kamijima Town, Ehime Prefecture, in the middle of Setouchi. Experienced local activities, lectures by specialized instructors, and meeting with instructors in the fields of Yugejima, Sashima and Ikinajima in Kamijima Town, which consists of only remote islands. 

Ehime University students, government officials, and media officials also joined, and the approximately 50 participants enjoyed the lecturer’s talk, the abundance of resources at Setouchi such as nature and its members’ sections, and lively discussions with friends.

The instructors are Rishi Takahashi, a representative of “Voyagin”, which has an overwhelming market share in Internet sales of experiential travel programs specializing in domestic travel, and Alexander Stankov, a content producer, the company from Bulgaria. I was taught how to do activities that make the best of local resources, including examples of best-selling items from local operations sold by the company all over Japan.

Setouchi area participants said: “Now we are moving from consuming goods to consuming items, everyday life in the countryside is a special space where foreign tourists can feel Japanese culture.” It seemed to me to sense the endless possibilities of natural resources that we had never thought of before.

The boot camp program and the benefits of a program
The boot camp program and the benefits of a program

In the experience of local activities in the fields of Yuge, Tajima, and Ikina islands, a program offered by “Pirate School” is conducted with local masters as teachers to experience the island.

Taking part in picking, cooking, and eating wild grass on the beach and in the fields, making ropes by local guides from the Yuge Shosen National University of Technology, sailing experiences, and more made me have interesting experiences like never before, feel like I have a lot of life experience and can survive better thanks to boot camp experience tourism.

Tour plans created and communicated by participants through the boot camp are actually sold on the Voyagin website for excellent plans that have passed the instructor’s test. However, the main theme of “Setouchi Boot Camp” is not just learning, but turning what you have learned into shape and putting it into practice.

 Is boot camp experience tourism suitable for everyone?

Depending on the age, the camp will have appropriate training programs. Under the 18 is so good, but the more appropriate age is from 18 years of age or older because at that time each person has stable health, has a spirit of learning and high will, is active and full of creativity, and can withstand demanding activities conclude endurance, the thinking abilities, and most importantly, you must be a lover of experiential travel and sustainable tourism.

 Mission after boot camp experience tourism

  1. Create a future that can be shared with anyone by discovering the attraction of a tourist destination and expressing it in a variety of ways.
  2. Build high-quality people and culture networks with people connected by the vision and use the power of hopeful residents to create the next value of “consumer tourism”, “travel tourism”. new calendar = travel = living”.
  3. In addition, promoting businesses to have a more foresight on future sustainability issues.

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