Cloud PBX for Call Queuing And Hold Music

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Cloud PBX for call queuing and hold music, Private branch exchange, or PBX, is the contemporary method of maintaining your company’s connectivity. It has been around for a long time and has seen significant evolution from analogue telephony systems to sophisticated and user-friendly cloud-based phone solutions.

Hosted PBX systems offer useful features that make them a trustworthy business phone system and the most adaptable on the market, regardless of whether you want to name it VoIP, IP telephony, or cloud-based phone system. In this post, will provide for you two main features of the cloud-based PBX system is Cloud PBX for call queuing and hold music.

Cloud PBX for call queuing

Cloud PBX for call queuing and hold music
Cloud PBX for call queuing and hold music

Cloud PBX for call queuing and hold music, When users are unavailable or busy managing other calls, incoming calls can be put on hold for a predetermined amount of time using the call queue object. You can add users and outside phone numbers under the queue object to receive incoming calls. While Queue and Ring Group are comparable, Queue provides more sophisticated features such a longer hold time and music on hold. Before establishing the queue object, please make sure to set up any users you intend to add to the queue.

All agents are summoned at once when a call is placed, which is how a call queue operates. If an agent’s status is set to “do not disturb,” no call will be made to them. In order to continue receiving calls from the call queue after accepting a call, the agent must manually change their status from busy to do not disturb.

The First In First Out principle is used in a call queue. The second caller in line won’t be offered to an agent until the call of the first caller in line has been accepted by one.

A call in the call queue is not considered missed if it is not answered. Since all agents are phoned at once, this is by design; otherwise, all agents who do not accept the call will experience a missed call.

Until you accept the call, you cannot transfer a call queue call. This is the case since the call queue sip is encrypted and not a real phone number. The call queue will provide the caller’s phone number once an agent has accepted the call, at which point the call may be transferred.

Cloud PBX for call queuing and hold music, efore answering the phone, you cannot see who is calling. Before accepting, the call queue conceals this information. Similar to how you simply receive the caller’s number, the call queue does not provide and cannot retrieve any sip data. The state and city of the caller will be provided if they are from the same nation and utilize a pstn.

Configuring a call queue

Cloud PBX for call queuing and hold music
Cloud PBX for call queuing and hold music

First, drag and drop the “Queue” item to your PBX tab. Go to the queue’s settings after it has been added to the PBX.

Put a name for the queue in the options, then click the “add” button to add users. Additionally, you can modify the queue’s wait time and add any necessary announcements or hold music.

It is advised to choose “Skip Busy Agents” to stop calling people who are already on the phone. The advanced settings are where this can be done.

Connect the queue to your call flow once it has been configured, as shown in the example below. To save the call flow, finally click the “Apply configuration” button. Cloud PBX for call queuing and hold music.

Cloud PBX for hold music

Cloud PBX for call queuing and hold music
Cloud PBX for call queuing and hold music

Although the feature is referred to as “music of hold,” any business message can also be played. Your Hosted PBX uploads music or messages as a file to the cloud.

The music on hold feature of a PBX system plays music or other audio messages to callers while they are waiting. In order to give callers a nice experience as they wait to be connected to an extension or department, it is frequently used.

Music on hold is frequently started when a call is put on hold, either by the caller or the person answering the phone. It can be turned on manually by the user or automatically by the PBX system.

The user can customize the audio message or music that is stored on the PBX system. For businesses that receive several incoming calls on a regular basis, music on hold may be advantageous because it makes callers’ waits more enjoyable. Additionally, it is practical for businesses who want to provide callers with information or marketing messages while they wait.

Cloud PBX for call queuing and hold music, A helpful tool for your business is music on hold. Above all, playing music or sending messages increases the likelihood that the customer will wait until the call is over. Your message might help your branding and give you permission to “tote your own horn.” The message could include information about the goods or services offered. A chance to cross-sell or upsell is also presented. And last, good music accelerates time.

In general, Cloud PBX for call queuing and hold music capability is a helpful tool for enhancing the caller experience and delivering information or marketing messages to callers while they are waiting. It can be tailored to a company’s unique requirements and preferences, and it can boost the PBX system’s general effectiveness.