Cloud PBX for Call Forwarding And Transferring

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During peak hours, a lot of clients and consumers come into your establishment. Additionally, this is the moment when sincere leads contact you. If you don’t take care of them, your leads and clients will quickly escape your grasp.

Several options are available to handle a high volume of calls during peak hours in order to prevent such. And of all of them, Cloud PBX for call forwarding and transferring are the two that are most important.

What’s the real story behind Cloud PBX for call forwarding and transferring, then? Which one should your company rely on? Why are they crucial to a telecommunication system, exactly? All of it will be covered by in this article.

What is Call Forwarding?

Cloud PBX for call forwarding and transferring
Cloud PBX for call forwarding and transferring

A telephone system’s call forwarding feature enables you to direct incoming calls to voicemail or another number. It is also referred to as “call diverting” because it transfers calls from one number to another.

In order to determine when and where a call should be diverted, call forwarding rules must be defined. Forwarded calls frequently occur as a result of busy, unanswered, or inaccessible lines.

Calls transfer from the host number to the connected number in accordance with the established forwarding rule. In accordance with the call order settings, it also rings the phone connected to it consecutively or concurrently.

Benefits of Call forwarding

Cloud PBX for call forwarding and transferring
Cloud PBX for call forwarding and transferring

1. Enhances staff availability

The caller will likely leave you a voicemail if they are unable to reach you. And if that continues for a while, you’ll have a ton of voicemails that are unreturned. In addition, it may result in heavy workloads.

Call forwarding enables you to transfer calls to coworkers who can take your place if you aren’t accessible. If the call is important, you can also transfer it to your home or personal phone.

In this manner, your clients can get help and assistance as soon as they need it. Additionally, it enables you to make greater use of the worker you currently have in your office.

2. Facilitates Employee Travel

Not all workers are constrained to desk occupations. Some are in charge of managing office tasks and occasionally visiting the locations.

Many calls can go unanswered while they are abroad. The call forwarding feature can be useful for handling calls in certain circumstances.

In this manner, even when some of your employees are absent, neither the call volume nor the level of client satisfaction would suffer.

What is Call Transfer?

This is a technique for diverting an active phone call to another device. Callers can be transferred instead of hanging up and dialing another number if they contact the incorrect department or member of your team.

Furthermore, it can be a smart move to let a customer support agent take calls. By linking them with an expert who can fix their problems right away, it helps soothe irate customers.

Why do you need the Call Transfer feature?

Cloud PBX for call forwarding and transferring
Cloud PBX for call forwarding and transferring

1. Customers have easier access to you

Call transfer enables you to work with coworkers in various departments to assist clients who have a variety of inquiries. Customers receive better service and are happy as a result.

2. Increase Flexibility

The original call can be moved to your mobile phone or home landline if call transfer is enabled in your phone system, allowing you to receive it wherever you are.

3. Scalability is achieved behind the scenes

Your customer support system may be scaled easily via call transfer. To adapt to any abrupt changes in call volume, you can scale it up or down at any time.

Cloud PBX for call forwarding and transferring: The Key Differences

Cloud PBX for call forwarding and transferring: A call transfer is the process of moving a live conversation from one side to another. Call transfer is useful when an employee is on the phone and the caller needs to talk with another agent.

Call forwarding and call transfer have a similar seeming mechanism, however they work differently. The act of transferring incoming calls from one number to another is known as call forwarding.

Here, calls are routed automatically to the predetermined number. Therefore, unlike the call transfer, there is no human action needed each time a call needs to be transferred.

These two Cloud PBX for call forwarding and transferring to provide satisfied customers. The main goal of call forwarding is to make consumers available at all times. Contrarily, call transfer aids in matching consumers with the appropriate agent.

Steps to Enable Call Forwarding in the Sherweb Cloud PBX Panel

Cloud PBX for Call Forwarding And Transferring,  Go to the Cloud PBX tab in the Account Self-Care Portal. You can choose how calls are forwarded for an extension under the Forwarding section.

  1. To make this rule active, click Add New Number. Enter a Description and the phone number where you wish the calls to be sent. To view other settings, click Show Advanced Settings. Click Save.
  2. Once the number is chosen, choose the forward ringing option. The choices are as follows:
  • a certain sequence
  • a random sequence
  • or several rings at once
  1. Define how long a call must ring on the desk phone before it is routed to a different number.