Should I Buy M20X Studio Headphone?

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Audio Technica is one of the favorite headphone manufacturers in the world with a lot of models of their headphones. The hugely popular ATH-M50x seems to be ubiquitous both in the studio and on the street but for now, perhaps the ATH-M20X studio headphone has beaten them up and is becoming more and more popular. Let’s looking for more information about this kind of headphone with

Main features of ATH M20x studio headphone

  • Frequency response: 15 – 20.000 Hz
  • Impedance: 47 ohms
  • Weight: 190 grams
  • 10″ straight cable attached (supplied with a 1/4″ plug-in adapter)
  • 40mm neodymium driver
  • Better low frequency performance tuning (bass)
  • A single cable exit
  • Trailer price: $ 69,00

ATH M20x headphone

The overall structure 

While these headphones aren’t as pretty as the ATH-M50x, they still offer premium construction – a lot better than some Sony and Panasonic in the same price range. The earpads are also very comfortable because they’re well made. The material is quite soft and especially does not hurt the ears. The M20x is very light – only 190 grams without the cable. This is achieved by using lightweight plastic throughout the structure, the only visible metal parts being the headband adjustment bar.

M20X studio headphone

Sound quality

The best way you can describe the sound quality of these headphones is how clear they are. They work well as everyday driver headphones for a variety of music. However, they are a bit lacking. The bass on the headphones is a bit weak and I would have liked for a stronger bass. Even so, if you’re looking for a good-sounding pair of headphones in this price range, the M20X studio headphone is probably a good option for you.

Overall, the Audio-Technica ATH-M20x’s sound quality is well worth the money. Obviously if you want to spend some more money you will get some better sound quality, but if you don’t use them for professional song mixing and it’s more for everyday/practice/ travel, they will suffice – they don’t have cheap sound that will ruin your listening experience like some other cheap headphones on the market.

M20X headphone

The disadvantages of M20X studio headphone

Another issue that may concern you is the lack of interchangeable cables. Both the ATH-M40x and ATH-M50x include a detachable cable and replace it with a coiled cable or a shorter/longer cable.
These headphones also don’t have swiveling or folding ears like the later versions – which can worry you if you’re on the go or like to DJ and mix sounds.
Finally, it doesn’t come with a carrying case like other versions of their M series (although I don’t like it, it’s just fabric and not too protective) – if you want a carrying case, go for it. buy a separate hard case with it.

M20X studio headphone

The ATH-M20x’s have a very natural sound that’s great for mixing and tracking work and gives a substantial bang for your buck. For genres that don’t require surgical precision in the bass region, the M20x is arguably a better choice than the M50x when it comes to studio work.
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