Is JBL Free X True Wireless In-Ear Headphones Good To Buy?

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JBL Free X true wireless in-ear headphones are one of the renowned audio brands in the market nowadays and the JBL Free X is a fantastic set of earbuds, almost identical to the previous JBL. But is it true likely the advertisement? We would be seen some up and down below:


As you might expect from an impressive JBL Free X true wireless in-ear headphones with a beautifully angled mode, it has a compact design that should be comfortable for most. They ensure a secure hold in the ear in order not to fall out even with faster movement. The water-repellent property is the practical benefit because this true wireless headphones consist of good care and cleaning system, especially help prevent weather-related moisture.

JBL Free X True Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Therefore, you will be more confident when walking in the light rain or simply sweating while exercising without affecting this headset at all. It is worth mentioning that JBL Free’s soundproofing ability is very respectable even though it is not equipped with any advanced noise cancellation technology. But it is also a disadvantage for whom have a habit of cycling or need to listen to another outside sound.

JBL Free X True Wireless In-Ear Headphones1

The headphones release two basic colors black and white which are suitable for everyone so that users could take their favorite ones to each other. This is not only a useful device but as a fashionable accessory that every fashionista needs to have.


In a test on various Android and iOS devices, the unwired system supports the Bluetooth 4.2 standard with good stability of up to twelve meters. The automatic connection would be switched when remove from the box. Additionally, turning on and off as well as linking can be carried out simply by pressing and holding the button on the surface of the earphone. It is noted that the connection to the Bluetooth is made completely on the right in-ear headphone, so you first need to be turned on getting into pairing mode before the left side will connect automatically to the right one.

Furthermore, JBL Free X true wireless in-ear headphones have a key on each headset. In the right ear, you can gently press to end a call, stop playing music or activate Siri. On the left function button, you can use it to move forward and backward.

With basic functions, JBL FreeX is fully equipped with control keys. But the only problem that most true wireless headphones have is the inability to increase or decrease the volume right on the headphone. JBL Free’s mic works quite smoothly, I have never had any problems talking with this headset. However, when you talk, only the sound comes out of the right ear.

JBL Free X True Wireless In-Ear Headphones3


JBL is known as an audio company with a long history, producing hundreds of different audio technology products. I expected a lot in this true wireless headset of JBL, but in reality, the sound is not so excellent. JBL Free X delivers decent sound quality, the sound is still very detailed and powerful, but it is difficult to say that it has not reached depth and sophistication.

However, the realistic sound is rated good in the price range. This headset will be perfect for you if you want to practice, it’s really comfortable and confident because the company uses a separate audio technology called JBL Signature Sound to help users enjoy the ultimate Bass sound quality of the headset. In addition, LED is equipped to have a very subtle glow and you’ll stand out in the dark.


JBL Free X true wireless in-ear headphones has a battery life of 4 hours but especially can be extended up to 20 hours depending on the charging dock and carrying case for the headset. This box is designed to circle, using plastic material with a shape quite similar to the makeup box. The lid is made of transparent black plastic, when the earphone is placed inside, it will light up if it is still active, looking quite cool. The whole set of headphones will be charged via the micro-USB port on the dock.


JBL Free X is JBL’s latest True wireless headset model. This is not a completely new product, but just a gentle upgrade from the old version – JBL Free. Especially, the brand still keeps the same old price as the previous one, so most of the customers are satisfied with upgrading the higher level without going up the price. And this product has been seen as one of the cheapest and most worth experiencing in all wireless earbuds on the market.


  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion 85mAh
  • Charging box: 1,500mAh
  • Charging time: less than 2 hours
  • Compatible with phones, tablets, and computers
  • Weight: 99g

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