Why Do We Use Digital Technology? 10 Benefits Of Technology In Our Lives

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Why Do We Use Digital Technology? Modern technology is becoming more and more developed and popular. With the benefits of digital technology, people’s lives are becoming more and more optimized. Through the 10 Benefits of technology in our lives, we can find the answer to the question Why Do We Use Digital Technology?

What is Digital Technology?

Digital technology is the process of changing from a traditional model to a digital business by applying new technologies such as big data (Big Data), the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing (Cloud),… change the operating method, leadership, working process, company culture.

Digital technology, also known as digital transformation, is when we have digitized data, we must use technologies such as AI, Big Data, etc. to analyze data, transform it and create value. new. Understandably, digital transformation is a higher level of digitization, like a complete phase of digitization. At this level of digital technology, the application will open up new forms of innovation and creativity in an entire field instead of just upgrading and supporting traditional methods. In a narrow sense, digital technology can be visualized by the concept of a “Paperless Office”. We continue to learn the reason Why Do We Use Digital Technology.

Why Do We Use Digital Technology? 10 Benefits Of Technology In Our Lives

1. Social connection digital technology

Digital technology makes it convenient to stay in touch with family, loved ones, or friends and also facilitates working remotely. You can talk, communicate or exchange with people by text, video, speech, audio, etc. All websites, applications, and software are created with the purpose of allowing users to communicate with each other via social networks, instant messaging, etc. All it takes is a desktop computer, a laptop, or a mobile phone. , you will never feel alone because every news source, every story, and every social happening will be updated continuously.
Why Do We Use Digital Technology

2. Speed of exchange and communication

The speed of the Internet has grown exponentially, and the bandwidth is faster and wider than ever, which has greatly facilitated the transmission of extremely large amounts of information on the web. That helps you stream, stream video and audio in real-time, and transfer and access large data files almost anywhere in the world.

3. Multi-tasking

With the strong development of digital technology, many businesses now allow employees to work from home. For home employees who are far away from the company, they can choose to work online, with information and data received through software or applications, creating extremely useful convenience.

4. Acquire knowledge

Anyone with internet access, they have access to a vast amount of knowledge. The internet has everything you would look for: lessons, courses from basic to advanced, media, and cultures of all countries and territories around the world.

5. Automation with modern technology

Why Do We Use Digital Technology

The development of digital technology, enables machines to become “smarter”, can automatically operate without humans, have better safety standards, and create an optimal experience for consumers.

6. Storing information by digital technology

For huge information data or a large amount of media such as music, videos, photos, and communications, the development of digital technology will make it possible for everything to be stored in devices, such as a laptop, mobile phone, desktop, or tablet. The data stored online will be accessed quickly and easily through any device that can connect to the internet.

7. Editing is easy and convenient

Why Do We Use Digital Technology

Compared with traditional means, modern digital technology can edit, manipulate and replace information more easily and quickly. Composing documents on a computer, editing videos or editing photos can all be done on a laptop while at home, without requiring any fancy. Digital technology also develops people’s creativity when it brings effects and editing software that are difficult for traditional methods to apply.

8. Maps and GPS

The wonderful combination of digital and satellite technology has changed the way we travel and travel. No need to think about the inconvenience of paper maps, groping for directions, and fear of getting lost anymore, people are now gradually getting used to the electronic mapping applications and software installed on their phones. Integrated with GPS, your location is accurately determined, providing you with information about your road condition (is it blocked, is there a roadblock, weather information around the area …) , about the shortest and fastest way, alternative routes or convenience stores, gas stations near you.

9. Transport

With this technology, you no longer have to go to the place to buy tickets, but you can book tickets online by yourself through very fast and convenient applications. And now passports are also embedded with a digital chip that stores information, allowing self-service machines to speed up check-in and customs clearance processes.

10. Entertainment, news

Today, with the era of technology 4.0, with just a phone with an internet connection, you can comfortably play games, listen to music, watch movies and even read the daily news without buying newspapers like today. old anymore.


So now you can know Why Do We Use Digital Technology. The era of modern digital technology has brought a lot of conveniences to people. In the not-too-distant future, the benefits of modern technology will be even more innovative and developed, bringing unexpected changes in daily life.