What is the teams cloud PBX ?

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What is the teams cloud PBX ? Businesses may use BT Cloud Work’s capable cloud communications solution to get the most out of their investment in Office 365 and Microsoft Teams.

The BT Cloud Work Cloud Private Branch Exchange (PBX) for Microsoft Teams is a native Direct Routing integration that provides international calling capabilities, empowers Teams users to achieve more with an industry-leading cloud PBX, and keeps Teams as the center of the collaborative experience. In this article, indianartwest.com will explore what is the teams cloud PBX ?

Features and benefits of teams cloud PBX

Features and benefits of teams cloud PBX
Features and benefits of teams cloud PBX
  • a native user experience with enterprise-grade telephony for your Microsoft Teams users.


  • PBX characteristics abound:
  1. standard call controls
  2. managing calls and IVR
  3. recording calls automatically
  4. Call analytics and reports
  5. call lines
  • Local and toll-free numbers are available in more than 100 countries, and more than 40 nations have full PSTN.
  • native integrations that are ready-to-use to increase user productivity.
  • No need to handle SIP trunks, SBCs, or communication infrastructure.
  • Adoption is made simple by the lack of additional interfaces or downloads.
  • gives your teams improved PBX and phone capabilities to maximize efficiency for your projects.
  • Reduce the amount of tools that your users must utilize, saving money and saving on administration and training.
  • Utilize modern enhanced communications to reduce costs and improve the level of service you provide to your users.

Control management teams cloud PBX

Control management teams cloud PBX
Control management teams cloud PBX

From one simple interface, administrators can centrally manage every user in their company, including those who are Microsoft Teams members. Users of Teams are instantly authenticated and linked to their BT Cloud Work communications account when they log in to Teams thanks to this integration’s support for single sign-on.

Intuitive, simple to use, and powerful

Users may utilize the same Teams interface they have been using without any additional downloads, bots, or plugins because the BT Cloud Work Cloud PBX for Microsoft Teams connects immediately into Teams. Because no retraining is necessary, users enjoy the benefits of both Teams and BT Cloud Work in one platform, increasing productivity and simplifying adoption.

  • 100% native Teams experience: Users of BT Cloud Work Cloud PBX benefit from the Microsoft Teams user interface. All call features from Microsoft Teams have been kept and are documented by Microsoft.
  • Complete control – Using the service requires no user action. The barriers to implementing Teams integrated calling’s advantages are lower because there is no software to install or administer.

BT Cloud Work Cloud PBX usage across all devices

BT Cloud Work Cloud PBX usage across all devices
What is the teams cloud PBX ?

Regardless of whether they are teams cloud pbx users, clients, or partners, all of your users may connect with one another and with third parties on a single communication platform. Users can manage their communication choices through our user-friendly user interface and interact and cooperate using any device.

Supporting your IT and business needs

When aiming to provide productivity and user satisfaction increases by fully utilizing Microsoft Teams, BT Cloud Work Cloud PBX meets important criteria of both the IT teams and the business managers.

  • IT administrators:
    • Calls and voicemail for Microsoft Teams users


    • The number of software packages to maintain should be decreased without sacrificing user features.


    • prefer using cloud services over investing in new hardware and software


    • There is no change to their current IT and voice infrastructure.
  • Business managers:
    • Want consumers’ productivity to rise by combining conversations and collaboration without requiring them to learn or use another software suite?


    • Have a basic subscription service without a major undertaking and high administrative costs.


    • Allow users of PC, Mac, and mobile devices full communication mobility.


    • Allow BYOD (bring your own device)

Robust Analytics

Utilize the BT Cloud Work Analytics Portal to gain insightful knowledge about your calls in Teams and to spot important trends among team members, employees, and the business as a whole. With straightforward and customizable out-of-the-box KPIs and indicators, you can make significant changes utilizing real-time data to drive business decisions, set up automated alerts, and build focused reports.

Out-of-the-box Business Application Integrations

Our native integrations with a wide range of widely used business software give users freedom. Making and receiving calls directly from your preferred productivity apps will save you time from switching between them. In your preferred CRM, attach call log data and provide links to call recordings.

Enterprise-Grade Telephony

BT Cloud Work’s industry-leading 99.999% availability offers dependable HD audio wherever work takes you thanks to its seven levels of enterprise-grade security and globally distributed geo-redundant data centers.