Is Sony MDR-DS6500 Wireless Headphones As Good As Advertised?

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The Sony MDR-DS6500 wireless headphones are a model headphone that has just been released by Sony Europe. This product is equipped with a 7.1 digital audio performance system using Sony’s Virtualphones technology, allowing to the reproduction of impressive multi-channel sound effects only through the compact speaker system from the headset. Let’s learn more about this headset together with!

 Highlights of the Sony MDR-DS6500 wireless headphones

The Sony MDR-DS6500 is a headset that supports wireless technology and is capable of performing 7.1 sound.

The included stand is responsible for charging and transmitting the signal to the wireless headset.

wireless headphones

The Sony MDR-DS6500 wireless headphones have a range of up to 100m.

Symbols showing the ability to decode and process Dolby Digital and DTS surround sound in the Sony MDR-DS6500 wireless headphones are printed on the charging stand.

The Japanese electronics company also uses the “interference-free CD-quality” feature, which allows the DS6500’s operating range to be increased up to 100m from the source, with clear sound quality without interference. After 3 hours of full charge, Sony’s wireless headset model will work continuously for 20 hours.

The MDR-DS6500 is equipped with Sony’s powerful fidelity sound technology VPT (Virtualphones) to reproduce the sound of multi-channel speakers to create a space filled with sound. The technology also helps to create a virtual 7.1 surround sound system that creates an outstanding audio experience even when you are listening to a 2-channel or 5.1-channel stereo.

Basic Structure


As you can see from the picture above, you get the following:

  • The actual headphones
  • The stand/processing unit
  • Optical cable
  • AC Adaptor

Product Features

The MDR-DS6500 is a digital surround headphone system that allows you to enjoy thesurround sound field of a BD/DVD or other multi-channel source wirelessly.

Sony MDR-DS6500 Headphones

You can enjoy multi-channel surround sound with headphones by simply connecting thedigital surround processor to a BD/DVD device, digital satellite/TV receiver, GAME device orother device with the supplied cable.

  • 7.1 channel digital surround sound wireless header
  • Large size 40mm driver units for premium movie theater sound quality.
  • Sony’s exclusive virtual telephony (VT) technology provides superior audio Visual
  • The digital wireless transmission provides CD-quality sound for a pure and detailed experience
  • Wide range of compatibility including Dolby Digital, Doldby Digital Surround EX, DTS, DTS-ES Matrix and DTS-SE
  • Approximately 20 hours of battery life provides reliable and durable service
  • Wireless transmission means you can use these headphones anywhere indoors without worrying about things getting in the way.
  • Automatic turning on headphones for the best reception of signal. The system can switch to a free channel automatically without any sound interruption before the signal is blocked.

Technical Specifications of the Sony MDR-DS6500 wireless headphones

  • Frequency response: 12Hz-22,000Hz
  • Neodymium Magazine
  • Rotary volume contact
  • Headphones automatically Acoustic
  • 1 optical input, 1 analog stereo input mini Back
  • Nickel-plated stereo mini plus
  • 1 year manufacturer’s Warcraft

Whats it like

The sound is clear and crisp with ooomph (if that’s a word) even at maximum volume, with very little distortion.
When playing Bluray, the LED on the main stand will light up depending on Dolby Digital or DTS mode. You can also experiment with the Sound Effects switch on your device (Cinema, Game, Voice/Stereo, Off).
I experimented with the Cinema Surround Sound effect. It works pretty well when watching movies/playing games – but needs to turn it off when listening to music.
My only weak point is, unfortunately my AV Receiver (STR-DH820) doesn’t have an Optical Out port. I’m thinking of buying an RCA to 3.5mm cable to use the headphones over the AV Receiver.

Damage prevention measures for the Sony MDR-DS6500 wireless headphones

On safety

  • Do not drop, hit or otherwise expose the processor or headphones to strong shock of any kind. This could damage the produc.
  • Do not disassemble or attempt to open any parts of the system.

On cleaning

  • Use a soft slightly moistened with mild detergent solution.
  • Do not use solvents such as thinner, benzene or alcohol as these may damage the surface.

On headphones

  • When the volume is too high, the sound leaks outside the headphones. Be careful not to raise the volume so high that it bothers people a round you. For reasons of safety, it is advise to keep the hear sounds around you.

When the product breaks

  • When the products breaks or if a foreign object gets inside the unit, immediately turn off the power and consult your nearest Sony dealer.

Through the above article, we think with outstanding features as well as sound quality, Sony MDR-DS6500 wireless headphones is well worth the experience.

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