Sonix Bluetooth Speaker Review-Why You Don’t Buy It?

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Nowadays, the trend of using Bluetooth speakers to listen to music is very popular among young people. Instead of heavy and bulky speakers, people now prefer compact and portable devices that they can carry easily anywhere. One of the speakers that can meet that need is the Sonix Bluetooth speaker. So are the sound quality and other characteristics of this speaker really good? Read the article “Sonix Bluetooth Speaker Review- Why You Don’t Buy It?” for details.

What is Sonix?

Online retailer Sonix launched its online presence in 2010. Since then, they have worked in the technology sector and have developed fresh, innovative ideas that never fail to dazzle their visitors. row. They offer a wide range of technological items, including tripods, speakers, and phone cases, among others. Anyone looking for high-quality electronic accessories and devices at extremely affordable costs should visit this store. They have a well-known brand all over the world and are rapidly growing. If you’re seeking high-quality but reasonably priced goods, here is your one-stop shop.

Sonix Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Sonix Bluetooth speaker was launched by the Sonix family last summer, is part of the FabFitFun collection, and is receiving a lot of attention. It’s a small device, but it sounds big and impressive. In addition, this little device has a cute appearance and color, especially female customers are crazy about it.


  • Size: 1,8 “H x 4,3” L x 4 “W
  • Color: Pink/ Pastel
  • Weight: Approx. 172g
  • Bluetooth Range:  33ft (10m)
  • Output capacity: 3W
  • Playtime: up to 2 hours
  • Charging time: within 2.5 hours


Are you a fan of pink or pastel colors? If so, then you’re not just out of sight with this speaker. Looks like a small box, this speaker has a pastel pink tone that looks quite eye-catching. The speaker has a square shape and the body is made of plastic but still feels quite solid.

Despite the all-plastic body, this speaker’s premium look is impressive. Furthermore, weighing in at 0.5 pounds, this wireless speaker is impressively lightweight and portable. You can just put it in your backpack, or if your trouser leg has large pockets, you can take them inside as well. The device comes with a charging cable along with a strap that makes it easier to hold. What’s more, you can easily hang it anywhere you want, and what’s impressive is that everything that comes with the Sonix Bluetooth speaker is pink.

This is definitely the cutest speaker you’ll ever see. The front of the speaker is covered by a pink grille and at the top, there are three buttons. The task of these three buttons is to control the volume and play music. In addition, at the bottom of the device are two small white feet that help the device stand firmly when placed on any surface. At the top, along with the buttons, you can easily see the Sonix logo and at the back, there is the power button along with the USB port. Overall, this is a pretty aesthetic speaker and feels premium.



An integral part of the Sonix Bluetooth speaker review article is performance. This speaker comes with quite reasonable battery life for its price and size. After about 2.5 hours of charging, you’ll get 2 hours of battery life to play with. This is acceptable for small listening sessions, but for a party or long night of music, you’ll need a top-rated Bluetooth speaker with better battery life. A Bluetooth connection range of 10 meters is acceptable.
In terms of sound quality, we consider it quite reliable. Indoors, the sound seems balanced and loud enough to enjoy. However, if there is external noise, the sound of this speaker will be drowned out and it will be difficult to hear it fully. Therefore, it is a great device for listening indoors rather than in crowded places. This is completely understandable and acceptable given their small size.


There are two distinct ways to connect with the Sonix Bluetooth speaker. Since it’s a Bluetooth speaker, the first option is definitely connecting via Bluetooth. It supports a Bluetooth V5.0 connection and this connection is quite stable during use. The second way is to connect using a USB port. Moreover, this device also has compatibility with Alexa voice assistant which is quite impressive. Therefore, you can connect it to your mobile phone and use Alexa voice assistant effectively without any problems.

sonix bluetooth speaker review


The Sonix Bluetooth speaker is certainly a pretty durable device, and the company offers a three-month warranty if anything goes wrong with it. While talking about the price of the Sonix Bluetooth speaker, the device will only cost around $20, which is quite affordable. So budget won’t be an issue for you if you want to get this cute and portable Bluetooth speaker. And for the price, it’s one of the best cheap Bluetooth speakers for indoor use given the sound quality and battery life it delivers. So we have the Sonix Bluetooth Speaker Review on all its essential aspects.

To sum up, in this Sonix Bluetooth speaker review, we have discussed in detail all the details of this mobile device. We’ve discussed all the important factors, including the device’s specifications, design, price, quality, and durability. Therefore, if you want a good portable speaker, cheap and give you satisfactory sound quality, then this Sonix speaker is the choice for you. Does our article have enough useful information that you need? Or leave a comment below to let us know if you have any questions. The article would like to stop here and we will definitely be back in many other technology reviews. Follow us! 

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