Samsung Galaxy S23 vs Google Pixel 7: Which is the best we can expect

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There was no need to wait for the debut because the Samsung Galaxy S23 vs Google Pixel 7 were swiftly added to the balance sheet at the end of the year. Which company will win in this comparison, Samsung or Google?

Key differences between Samsung Galaxy S23 vs Google Pixel 7:

  • Galaxy has a more compact overall design
  • Pixel has a slightly larger screen (6.3″ on Pixel vs 6.1″ on Galaxy)
  • Galaxy has three rear cameras, Pixel has only two
  • Pixel has AI features that Galaxy lacks
  • Galaxy has One UI with multitasking features not available on Pixel
  • Pixel has a significantly larger battery
  • Galaxy supports slightly faster charging speeds
  • Galaxy for longer software support
  • Pixel gets updates faster but support is less than 1 year

Samsung Galaxy S23 vs Google Pixel 7: Design

The size gap between the Samsung Galaxy S23 vs Google Pixel 7 is one of their primary disparities. Despite the fact that both are regarded as “compact phones” in the books, the Samsung S23 will be physically smaller. The two devices are the following sizes:

  • Galaxy S23: 146 x 70.6 x 7.6 mm, weight unknown
  • Google Pixel 7: 155.6 x 73.2 x 8.7 mm, weight 197g

The Galaxy is more manageable with one hand thanks to its shorter, thinner, and narrower design. It is also anticipated to be substantially lighter than the Pixel. Regarding appearance, each phone has advantages of its own. The Galaxy has each individual camera lens, which is also a highly current look, while the Pixel has a camera strip on the rear that makes it easier to find in a crowd.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Design

With tempered glass covering the front and back and aluminum frames, both phones are similarly well-made other from that. We may anticipate the Galaxy to have the same Victus Corning Gorilla Glass that is used in the Pixel 7. Both the Samsung Galaxy S23 vs Google Pixel 7 will have IP68 water and dust protection.

Samsung often offers a wide range of colors, including the traditional black and white, but there are also many more hues available. As a result, you can choose a color tone that appeals to you. One black, one white, and one blue are the only colors available for the Pixel 7.

Samsung Galaxy S23 vs Google Pixel 7: Display quality

The display of the Galaxy S23 gives it one advantage over the Pixel. The most recent Samsung AMOLED display with a quick 120Hz refresh rate and enhanced color reproduction is available for the gadget. The Pixel 7 features an OLED panel as well, however it only supports a fixed refresh rate of 90Hz, not the dynamic refresh rates found on more expensive devices.

Google Pixel 7 Display quality


Both phones primarily rely on fingerprint scanners that are integrated into the display when it comes to biometrics. While the Pixel 7 employs an optical scanner, which is currently superior than that of prior Pixel generations but can be less dependable, the Galaxy S23 has an ultrasonic fingerprint reader that has received excellent reviews for years. more so than on the Galaxy.

Samsung Galaxy S23 vs Google Pixel 7: Performance and software

Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processors are standard across the board for the Galaxy S23. Leaked benchmarks demonstrate a significant improvement over earlier models including the Google Tensor G2. Although Google claims it doesn’t really compete in synthetic benchmarks and instead focuses on enhancing AI performance and machine learning workloads with Tensor, Snapdragon is still focusing on improving those synthetic benchmarks leader.

Both devices use Android software, however they also differ greatly from one another. The Pixel 7 ships with Android 13 in the manner that Google intended it, which is primarily a tidy and delightful experience with some of its own unique touches like the persistent search bar and the Pixel 7’s built-in “Quick View” widget. No one can erase. But aside from this, it’s a remarkably seamless and enjoyable experience. You also get a lot of special features, including:

Google Pixel 7 Performance

  • Translate speech to text on the device with extreme accuracy
  • Advanced photo editing tools: Magic Eraser
  • Portrait Mode effect on regular images with a simple edit
  • Call Screening and More

On top of Android 13 is Samsung’s One UI 5.0, in contrast. Even though it incorporates elements of the Material You design concept most clearly on the Pixel, it nevertheless retains the aesthetic of earlier Galaxy phones. The most recent improvements made by Samsung to this user interface include multi-user support and easier multitasking, both of which are excellent features. While Google promises three years of major software updates, Samsung provides four.

The Exynos 5300 5G modem that the Pixel 7 has for connectivity has been hailed by customers as a pleasant improvement that solves numerous reception problems. The Qualcomm X70 5G modem, which will have even better performance and quicker speeds, is anticipated to be included in the Galaxy.

Samsung Galaxy S23 vs Google Pixel 7: Camera

The Galaxy S23 easily outperforms the Pixel 7 in terms of cameras because to its triple-camera setup on the back. The 3X zoom telephoto camera on the Galaxy is still what gives it a go despite the new SuperRes zoom techniques. It offers a definite benefit for bigger photos. The camera’s specifications are similar in other respects.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Camera


The main camera on both phones Samsung Galaxy S23 vs Google Pixel 7 has a 50-megapixel sensor, and the ultra-wide camera has a 12-megapixel sensor. We’re interested to see if the Galaxy S23 will have the new 2X zoom function that the Pixel 7 has because it employs the centre crop of the sensor and provides far better quality than merely digital zoom. or not, this novel technique.

The Galaxy supports certain distinctive video features including 8K video recording, which the Pixel does not offer. Although few people will utilize this frequently, video fans will undoubtedly value having this option.

Samsung Galaxy S23 vs Google Pixel 7: Battery life and charging

A smaller phone will undoubtedly have a lesser battery, hence the Galaxy S23’s reduced size is mostly beneficial for individuals seeking a compact phone. The 3,900mAh battery that the Galaxy S23 is anticipated to have is less than the 4,355mAh battery that powers the Pixel 7 by over 10%. But we may anticipate that the Snapdragon chipset will help Samsung’s upcoming model. better and more effective display technologies.

It’s still too early to determine which of these two gadgets will have a longer lasting battery, though. Little has changed in terms of charging speed; both the Galaxy and Pixel charge at underwhelming rates. While Pixel 7 only supports 21W of cable charging, Galaxy S23 will support up to 25W. As a result, it will take the Galaxy phone approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes to fully charge, whereas it would take the Pixel approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes.


With a speedier processor and superior heat dissipation, the Galaxy S23 is anticipated to really shine. It is the biggest change to this product series in many years. Samsung is making modest but welcome enhancements to the camera, and it has recently been expanding the functionality of its One UI.

While the Pixel 7’s spec sheet is a little less spectacular, users report having a fantastic experience with it. The Google experience is undeniably super smooth, the camera is excellent, and the promise of the first Android software updates remains unmatched in the Android world.

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