Top 9 National Register Of Historic Places In La Crosse County

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This is a listing on the National Register of Historic Places La Crosse County, Wisconsin. Here we provide a complete list of entries on the National Register of Historic Places located in La Crosse County, Wisconsin. In this article, will introduce 10 places as well as briefly describe them.

Mons Anderson House 

The Gothic Revival house with its large square turret was built between 1861 and 1877. Mons Anderson House, 410 Cass Street, La Crosse, Wisconsin. This historic house was built in 1854 for New York native Andrew W. Shephard. Norwegian immigrant Mons Anderson purchased it in 1861. He commissioned architect William H. J. Nichols to design a series of additions between 1865-1878. Following his death, it was sold to the YWCA in 1906 for a Norwegian immigrant who ran a shop in La Crosse and later turned to dry goods Zwholesaler named Anderson. The house was later used as a YWCA, then apartments. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places on May 6, 1975.

Mons Anderson House

John L.Callahan House

Registered April 14, 1995, this house consists of 2.5 stories with a bell-roofed turret, designed in the Queen Anne style by Schick and Stoltze. it was built near a lumber mill in 1894 for a local doctor named Callahan, who used it as a home and office. It was then a funeral home, which was eventually divided into apartments.

John L.Callahan House

District school No.1

Prairie School influences

This is a brick one-room schoolhouse with a rural bell tower built in 1917 in the craftsman style with Prairie School influences. Children attended school until it was incorporated into the La Crosse school system in 1965. The school was registered March 21, 1996.

Fire Station No.5

Known as the oldest surviving fire house in La Crosse, designed by Stoltze and Schick and built in 1895, initially with an equipment room at the front, a stable for four horses in the front. Behind, there are dormitories, offices and haystacks above. Built as the city transitioned from volunteering to a paid fire department. Enter the national register November 24, 2021.

fire station no 5

Hamlin Garland House

hamlin garland house

The Hamlin Garland House is a historic home at 357 West Garland Street in West Salem, Wisconsin, United States. From 1893 to 1910, it was the main residence of writer Hamlin Garland (1860–1940). The house built by William Hull in 1859 was purchased by author Garland in 1893 to house his ailing parents. he returned to his young coulee country. Garland is a popular and well-regarded writer of fiction in the region. Garland expanded the house and wrote some of his major works there. The house is designated a National Historic Landmark and is now a museum run by the local historical society.

Gun Brewery Lofts 

Gund Brewery Lofts or Gund’s Brewing Company Bottling Works is a state-of-the-art beer bottling plant built in 1903, designed by Louis Lehle with a state-of-the-art sterilization system that gives Gund’s beer a reliable shelf life. Reliability and electrical power allows for an efficient plant layout. The factory has now been converted into apartments. It was now listed on the National Register of Historic Places on December 15, 2008.

Gund Brewery Lofts

The La Crosse County School of Agriculture and Domestic Economy                 

The La Crosse County School of Agriculture and Domestic Economy                 

The La Crosse County School of Agriculture and Domestic Economy is a historic structure in Onalaska, Wisconsin. It was designed by architects Parkinson & Dockendorff from La Crosse, Wisconsin. It is the 5th College of Agriculture and Inland Science in the state. Later became Onalaska High School. It opened in 1909 as a school of agriculture and science in the country. The school closed in 1925. The building is also known as the Onalaska High School Building. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1987. The building was then demolished in 1989.

Mindoro Cut

The Mindoro Cut is a cut in the Town of Farmington in La Crosse County, Wisconsin, carrying the County Trunk Highway C through Phillips Ridge, connecting Mindoro to West Salem. The cut was 74 feet (23 m) deep, 86 feet (26 m) long and 25 feet (7.6 m) wide. It is the second-deepest hand-crafted cut in the Western Hemisphere and the oldest surviving functional cut that remains largely unchanged. Cutting work began in 1907 and ended in 1908. The project was completed mainly with hand tools such as hoes, shovels, wheelbarrows and dynamite. The Mindoro Cut was added to the National Register of Historic Places la crosse in 2007.

Mindoro Cut

Palmer Brother’s Octagons

Palmer Brother’s Octagons are two historic octagonal homes built by brothers Dr. Horace Palmer and Monroe Palmer in or near West Salem, Wisconsin. (The octagonal house was a unique style of house popular in the 1850s in the United States and Canada. They are characterized by an octagonal plan, and often have flat roofs and rounded porches.)

The Palmer-Gullickson octagonal house, the larger one, was built in 1856. With the help of Rachel Gullickson, the historic West Salem society was able to purchase the house for its preservation and use as a home. a museum. It is located at 358 Leonard St. in West Salem.

The second house was the Palmer-Lewis octagonal house built in 1857. It was moved to a different location on Leonard Street, and has a smaller structure.

On August 7, 1979, they were added to the National Register of Historic Places.

national register of historic places la crosse

In summary, above is a list of a few typical national register historic place la crosse. Hopefully through this article you will understand more about these places as well as their origin.

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