How to repair laptop battery at home: Our 4 best recommendations

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Today, Indianartwest would like to share how to repair laptop battery at home. Of course, the ways shared below only help to increase the life and calibrate the laptop battery, we still recommend that you replace the battery every 2 to 3 years of use for optimal performance.

A. Repair laptop battery at home- NiMH or NiCD battery recharging

Only use this approach to repair laptop battery at home if it is a Nickel-Metal Hybrid (NiMH) or Nickel-Cadmium (NiCD) battery. I’ll repeat that you shouldn’t use this procedure if you have a lithium-ion battery. The battery will sustain more harm.

NiMH or NiCD battery recharging


The bulk of contemporary laptops and every Mac have lithium-ion batteries. So try a different approach if you have one of them.

Step 1: To begin, turn off your laptop and unplug it from the power source.

Step 2: Next, pry open the laptop’s bottom. There is a battery release button that you may need to push in order to unclip the battery once you have removed the battery from there.

Step 3: Store the battery in a soft bag. Keep the battery in a zipped pocket with the smooth load wrapped around it. The zip bag needs to be water-resistant. The battery won’t leak thanks to the Ziplock bag. Avoid utilizing a typical plastic bag because these bags typically include some moisture within.

Step 4: Freeze it for a significant amount of time—at least 10 hours. However, do not keep the battery in the freezer for longer than 12 hours as this could harm it.

Step 5: Wipe the battery dry and place it in a room with a normal temperature.

Step 6: Insert the battery into the laptop and plug it into a power source to recharge it. If not, see if your issues have been resolved. If it is fixed, the battery issue is solved, and you can resume working. Try another strategy if this one does not work to solve the issue.

B. Repair laptop battery at home- Recalibrate the laptop battery

Repair laptop battery at home- Recalibrate the laptop battery

The laptop battery calibration method should be applied in case the laptop battery indicator displayed is no longer accurate.

For example: The laptop reported 50% remaining battery capacity, but a few seconds later the laptop device suddenly turned off immediately. This is when you should recalibrate your laptop battery so that the battery indicator shows up correctly.

Step 1: Charge the laptop battery to 100%. Keep plugging in the computer’s charger until it says ” Fully Charged “.

Step 2: Then, unplug it from your laptop. Do not disconnect from the power outlet side first, as re-plugging the charger while the charger is connected to the laptop may damage the laptop.

Step 3: You can do office tasks, play games or watch videos until the device runs out of battery completely.

Step 4: Let the laptop run out of battery for about 3 to 5 hours. This will ensure that the battery’s virtual charge level will be reset before plugging in the charger again.

Step 5: Continue to plug in the laptop’s charger again. When the battery level is 100% charged, your laptop battery has been calibrated.

C. Repair laptop battery at home-  Always take care of laptop batteries periodically

Repair laptop battery at home-  Always take care of laptop batteries periodically

Method 1: To apply this rule, you just need to pay attention if the device battery is near the 40% threshold, plug in the charger and unplug the charger at 80%, continuing to repeat this cycle often will help prolong the life. Laptop battery life add several years.

It sounds strange, but this is a scientific study from Battery University – Battery Research Organization, which says that the lithium battery design in a 100% fully charged state only has 300-500 charge-discharge cycles. Meanwhile, unplugging at 80% battery will increase charge and discharge cycles by four times the number of recharge cycles.

Method 2: Make sure the laptop does not overheat. Accordingly, high temperatures can both affect laptop battery life and damage the battery. If you must use the device in a warm environment, make sure that the laptop’s heatsink slots are not obstructed.

Method 3: Store the battery in the right temperature conditions. If you do not need to use the laptop for a long time, it is recommended to store the laptop in a place where the ideal temperature is between 20°C and 25°C. Don’t worry, according to the design mechanism, laptop batteries can be stored in this condition for several months before needing to be charged.

D. Repair laptop battery at home- Make enough charge cycles

Repair laptop battery at home- Make enough charge cycles

Apply this method in case the laptop battery is draining abnormally fast compared to before.

Note: This method is not recommended to be done too often; Because completely draining it and then recharging it many times can reduce the life of the battery by 30%.

Step 1: You do the same from step 2, 3, 4, 5 of method B as above.

Step 2: Continue to let your laptop fully charge for at least 48 hours without unplugging the charger. You can still use the laptop during this time, but make sure it stays plugged in for at least 2 days without unplugging it. Doing so will ensure that your battery is fully recharged, which can increase the overall life of the battery.


For optimum performance, we nevertheless advise that you replace the battery every two to three years if the aforementioned “repair laptop battery at home” techniques do not assist you in identifying the cause of your laptop battery repair. Please speak with the seller or the warranty center if the laptop is still covered by warranty to secure your rights.

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