How to Connect Sony Bluetooth Speaker With Different Devices in 4 Steps

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Did you know, that Sony has produced a number of Bluetooth speakers with extremely outstanding features? Whether you have larger or smaller speakers, it’s essential to know how to pair your speakers with a compatible audio source. Almost every Sony Bluetooth speaker pairs with devices the same way regardless of size, power, or price. If you are not sure how to connect Sony Bluetooth speaker to compatible devices, this article is for you. By following the steps below, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite music and podcasts with your Sony speakers in no time!

How to connect Sony Bluetooth speaker

Before you start learning about the pairing steps, read the user manual for your Sony speaker specifically. Not only can this teach you how to properly use your new speaker, but it can also contain important information, such as the length of your speaker’s warranty and how you can protect it from damage and unnecessary wear and tear set. Learn about how to connect Sony Bluetooth speaker in the section below:

Step 1: Turn on the speaker

The first step is to turn on the speakers. After you press the ON button, the LED power indicator will light up. With each Sony Bluetooth speaker, the Bluetooth indicator will also start blinking at this time. If it’s your first time turning on the speaker, you’ll see that the Bluetooth indicator blinks quickly. Once you’ve paired your speaker for the first time, it will automatically pair with nearby devices when you turn it on. In most cases, when you turn it on for the first time, the speaker tries to pair with the last device it was connected to.

Step 2: Press the Pair button

On almost any Sony Bluetooth speaker, the pairing button will have the Bluetooth icon on it, as shown below:

After holding down this button for about a second, you will hear the Sony speaker’s guiding voice say the word “Pairing”. You will also notice that the LED located next to the Bluetooth button will start blinking at a fast rate. The speaker has now entered pairing mode and is searching for compatible devices. Normally the pairing process will only work for 5 minutes on Sony speakers.

While other brands allow the pairing process to continue until the speaker is paired, Sony limits this mode to 5 minutes, as it saves battery life. If 5 minutes have passed and you still haven’t paired your speaker with a compatible device, you’ll have to start over. When the process is finished, you will notice that the LED indicator next to the Bluetooth button will turn off.

Step 3: Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on the device

As you probably already know, your Sony Bluetooth speaker will not be able to pair with any other device if the Bluetooth feature is disabled. If you’re trying to pair your smartphone with your speaker, go to your phone’s settings menu and make sure the Bluetooth feature is turned on. Both iOS and Android devices have a similar process to enable Bluetooth connections, so it doesn’t matter if you’re using an Android smartphone or an Apple iPad.

Step 4: Pair the speaker with an audio source

Now that the speaker is in pairing mode and Bluetooth has also been enabled on the selected device, it’s time to pair the devices together. Depending on the device you want to pair, the procedure can be as follows:

  • Android devices: If you’re using an Android device, navigate to Settings and select Pair new device. You should now see your Sony speaker name in the Available Devices list. All you have to do is select the speaker and proceed with the pairing. In a few seconds, your Android device will connect to your Sony speaker and you can start playing sound from your phone or tablet through your speakers!

How to Connect Sony Bluetooth Speaker

  • iOS devices ( iPhone, iPad, MacBook): If you’re using iOS devices, start by opening Settings. From Settings, select Bluetooth and turn it on. This will bring up a list of all compatible devices nearby. You should see the name of your Sony speaker listed in the menu titled “device”. Select your speaker and wait until the word ‘Connected‘ appears next to its name. If it asks for a password, use 0000, the standard code for any Sony device.

iOS devices ( iPhone, iPad, MacBook)

  • Windows devices: Finally, if you’re looking to pair your Sony speaker with your Windows device, press the Windows key. Then, select Settings, then select Devices. Select the option listed as ‘Bluetooth & Other Devices and make sure that Bluetooth is enabled. Here, click on Add Bluetooth or another device. If it is in pairing mode, your Sony Bluetooth speaker will be listed as one of the available devices. Click on the speaker name to Pair your Windows device and the Sony speaker. Now you have learned how to connect Sony Bluetooth speaker right?


Today we have shown you how to connect Sony Bluetooth speaker to different devices in 4 easy steps. Once your Bluetooth speaker has been paired with your selected device by following the steps outlined above, you won’t have to pair them again! The speaker and device will pair automatically when they are close to each other and the device has Bluetooth enabled. Remember that pairing your Sony speaker with a compatible device shouldn’t be too complicated. Luckily, Sony speakers are extremely user-friendly, so you won’t have any problems if you follow the steps outlined above! Good luck to you!

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