How To Connect JBL Speakers- 7 Easy Steps You Can Try

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Are you finding How To Connect JBL Speakers? This article is born for you. We will give a detailed guide in 7 easy steps you can try. Let’s look into connecting your JBL speakers in a step-by-step fashion so you can enjoy better music and listening.

1. How To Connect JBL Speakers?

Step 1: Verify the speakers’ compatibility

How To Connect JBL Speakers

No matter how many times you try again, the pairing doesn’t work… If your JBL speakers are incompatible with one another, they won’t connect. Therefore, make sure your speakers are the same type before pairing them. You can use the aforementioned recommendation. The “connect” button on your speakers is another option.

The button that resembles an hourglass is the connect button. The following will help you tell one from another:

  • PlayBoost is depicted as a round-edged hourglass.
  • JBL Connect hourglass icon with clean edges.
  • JBL connect plus is represented by an hourglass with straight edges and a plus (+) sign.
  • Has the connect button symbol on your JBL speakers a similar design? If yes…They share the same type, so. This implies that you can connect them for music playback. Go to step 2 if this applies to you.
  • If not, purchase JBL speakers that are compatible before moving on.

Step 2: Turn on your JBL speakers.

Turning on all of the JBL speakers you want to connect with is the first thing you need to do. Your chosen device and your speakers will automatically connect once they are turned on.

Otherwise, you must press the Bluetooth button once to put your speaker into pairing mode when using it for the first time.

Step 3: Turn on Bluetooth on your mobile devices

How To Connect JBL Speakers

You can utilize a laptop, tablet, or smartphone as your source. Or even your computer provided it has a Bluetooth feature. The most common ways to activate Bluetooth are as follows:

  • Activate your gadget.
  • Click on settings.
  • Toggle “Bluetooth.”
  • The Bluetooth switch should then be turned ON.

Has your device never been paired with your JBL speakers before? Then select “Make my gadget discoverable” or a similar checkbox. Your JBL speakers will be able to find and connect to your device with ease in this manner. Alternatively, if a voice assistant like Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri is compatible with your mobile device…

Bluetooth can also be turned on using voice commands. For instance, just say, “Hey Google! Launch Bluetooth. You should hear your voice assistant affirm what you just said after you say it. The Bluetooth icon should also be shown in the notification banner on your smartphone.


Step 4: In the Bluetooth settings on your device, look for your speakers.

The next step in How To Connect JBL Speakers is to locate all of your JBL speakers in the Bluetooth settings of your device and pair them with it. You must manually pair each speaker if this is your first time using them. If not, they will pair on their own.

Step 5: Play Audio From Your Source / Device

How To Connect JBL Speakers

The next step in How To Connect JBL Speakers, if all of the speakers have been successfully linked, is to start playing music from your computer or other sources.

On any app of your choice, you can play any song or video. However, only one of your speakers will be able to hear the audio. You may connect the audio to your other JBL speakers in the next stage, so don’t worry.

Step 6: The “Connect” Button On Your Playing JBL Speaker Must Be Pressed.

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You must connect that speaker to the rest of your speakers so that one of your speakers can play the audio you’ve selected. Simply press the speaker’s “Connect” button to get started. This will enable this speaker to match the other speakers’ pace.

The “Connect” button, which resembles a lemniscate, is situated close to the other function buttons on the speaker.

Step 7: To Connect The Rest Of Your JBL Speakers, Press The “Connect” Button.

The final step in How To Connect JBL Speakers is to simply press the “Connect” button on each JBL speaker that has been associated with your device. Within a few seconds, all of the other speakers will connect, allowing you to finally hear sounds from every speaker.

I must remind you that in order for all of your speakers to concurrently play any audio you select, they must all be paired to your device.


By following a few simple steps in the How To Connect JBL Speakers article, you can successfully connect all of your JBL speakers and play the same audio simultaneously. All you need to do is connect your JBL speakers to your device and start listening to your favorite music. Press the “Connect” button when one of your speakers starts to play audio to make sure they are perfectly synced. We hope that our information is useful for you, thank you for reading.