How To Connect Bluetooth Speakers To Roku TV Exactly?

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How To Connect Bluetooth Speakers To Roku TV is the question of many users. In this article, we will discuss and answer all the ones related to this question, as well as head to the easiest ways How To Connect Bluetooth Speakers To Roku TV.

Do Roku TVs support Bluetooth?

Roku TV Wireless Speakers as well as Roku Smart Soundbar are the only Bluetooth-enabled Roku TV devices. While other Bluetooth devices cannot be paired directly to your TV, you can use Roku’s mobile app – simply pair your Bluetooth audio device to your cell phone, then enable “private listening” within the app.

So, technically, Roku’s stance is that, aside from the 2 Roku Bluetooth speaker products mentioned above, Roku-based TVs need not support Bluetooth.

Is it possible to connect Bluetooth speakers to Roku TV?

Is it possible to connect Bluetooth speakers to Roku TV?
Is it possible to connect Bluetooth speakers to Roku TV?

Yes, Bluetooth speakers can be connected to Roku! Whether you use the official Roku speakers or your personal non-Roku Bluetooth speakers, the method you use to connect your speakers will vary.

To do this, you’ll need a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone.
If you’re like most people and use non-Roku Bluetooth speakers, you can connect them to a Smartphone or any other device using the Roku-compatible app. Connect a certain device to Roku after that. (Source) If you have official Roku speakers, you can connect them directly to Roku.

I’ll go over how to connect Bluetooth speakers to Roku TV in more detail later in this guide.

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Can I use Bluetooth headphones with Roku?

You can connect any Bluetooth headphones to Roku TV using the phone app or the “private listening” feature that most Rokus have (if you don’t see it, try updating your device’s software).

This contains Bose headphones, AirPods, and any other Bluetooth-enabled devices.
To use Bluetooth headphones on Roku, connect your Bluetooth earphones to your mobile phone, then sync up your smartphone to the same WiFi network as Roku.

What about pairing Bluetooth keyboards with Roku TV?

The only way to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to a Roku TV (or indeed any Roku device) is to use a streaming device such as an Amazon Firestick.

The TCL Roku TV as well as all Roku devices do not support Bluetooth keyboards, but the exact model firestick I linked earlier would let the TV use a Bluetooth keyboard. Unfortunately, these are the only options Roku has provided.

All other Roku devices (such as the Roku 3 or Roku Ultra) are not compatible with Bluetooth keyboards.

How To Connect Bluetooth Speakers To Roku TV Exactly?

How To Connect Bluetooth Speakers To Roku TV Exactly?
How To Connect Bluetooth Speakers To Roku TV Exactly?

According to Roku, a few products can be easily connected to Roku via Bluetooth.

To get started with these products such as Roku Streambar Pro, Roku Streambar, and Roku Smart Soundbar, make sure your Roku Bluetooth device, mobile, and Roku TV are all connected to the same network. Otherwise, there could be some connectivity issues.

After you’ve confirmed that they’re connected to the same Wi-Fi network, you can connect the device to your Roku TV by following these steps:

  • Use your Roku tv remote to press the Home button.
  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Select Remotes & Devices.
  • Select Bluetooth Device Pairing.
  • When the Bluetooth pairing screen appears on your Roku TV, switch to your smartphone to complete the setup.
  • Go to Bluetooth Settings on your phone and ensure sure Bluetooth is turned on.
  • Wait a few moments for your Roku device to appear in your phone’s Bluetooth list.
  • Choose it.
  • You should see “Connected” on your Roku TV. It will indicate that you are now linked to your smartphone.

Play a movie or LIVE TV to test it out, and you’ll be surprised to hear Roku TV audio coming from your Roku Bluetooth device.

How to Activate Bluetooth on Roku

To use Bluetooth on Roku, you must have a computer or smartphone that can receive Bluetooth signals. Then, connect your smartphone or Roku app-enabled device to the same WiFi network as Roku. Bluetooth will now be available on Roku.

As previously stated, this does not work with Bluetooth keyboards on Roku (Wireless or not).

Bluetooth on Roku shouldn’t be an extra cost or require a subscription.

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How to Connect Roku to Bluetooth Speakers or Earphones

  • To begin, download and set up the Roku app on your Android, iPhone, or Windows device.
  • Next, open the app and select Remote.
  • After that, connect your device to Roku.
  • Connect your Bluetooth speaker or headphones to your smartphone after that (or computer)
  • You can also use “private listening mode” on certain Roku devices.

Bluetooth is now available on Roku!

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The bottom line

Bluetooth on Roku TV is probable, but some workarounds are required, as described in this guide. Roku still sells wireless AirPods, speakers, remotes, and other accessories, as detailed in this post. All Bluetooth features are consistent across all Roku devices. Bluetooth is included in the TCL Roku TV. I hope that this article about How To Connect Bluetooth Speakers To Roku TV can be helpful for you!