How To Clean Earbuds? With Only 3 Easy Steps To Finish

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Are you finding a way How To Clean Earbuds? Earbuds and headphones can become filthy. Sebum, ear wax, skin cells, and cosmetics adhere to the surfaces that come into contact with your body. Every time you set your sticky headphones down, they collect more dirt from the environment.

In addition, despite what you may have read online, it is not safe to clean your AirPods by sucking on them. The driver, the protective mesh, and the electronics could all be harmed by doing so, not to mention that it’s nasty. However, there are simple methods for thoroughly cleaning your personal audio gadgets (for your own well-being and before lending or borrowing a pair).

1. What do you need to clean earbuds?

How To Clean Earbuds

With How To Clean Earbuds, you only need 5 basic things to complete:

  • Soapy water: Dish soap works best because it wipes cleaner than many hand soaps (we favor Seventh Generation Dish Liquid for this) (which may have moisturizers and added colors).
  • A gentle cloth Your gadget won’t be scratched by a microfiber towel designed for polishing glass or glasses.
  • Tool for cleaning earbuds This device, which is literally made to remove debris from earphones, is the finest resource for clearing sound tubes.
  • Silica gel pack: This will keep your headphones dry and fresh in gym bags or humid locations.
  • Rubbing alcohol will clean and disinfect the silicone ear tips and hard

2. How To Clean Earbuds? With Only 3 Easy Steps To Finish

Clean your earbuds or headphones frequently. Ideally, you should use a mildly moist towel to clean the tips of your earbuds or headphone earpads at least once every week. Ensure that your gadget is turned off and the headphones are unplugged. Dry them completely right away with a gentle cloth. Alcohol shouldn’t be used because it can make leather or cloth degrade more quickly or erase color. Any undesirables can be removed with soap and water.

  • Use a tiny, soft brush to clean the interior of the earbuds to get rid of any debris.

How To Clean Earbuds

The first step in How To Clean Earbuds is clean the inside earbuds. Your earbuds’ sound may get muffled by wax buildup. Purchase a cheap cleaning device made for removing wax (some high-end in-ear models even come with one). First, remove the earbuds’ ear tips. Then carefully scoop out any ear wax using the tool’s metal loop side.

Avoid forcing the loop into the tip while it is still attached to the earphone since doing so could force wax into the earbud and harm the driver.

Next, gently remove anything that has become attached to the earphones using the tool’s small, soft brush end. In order to benefit from gravity and to prevent small pieces of dislodged wax from getting inside the earphones, make sure to point the earbud aperture downward. Before reattaching the ear tips to the earbuds, clean them with a moist, soapy cloth and let them dry completely.

  • Clean the battery connections and charging case.

How To Clean Earbuds

The second step in How To Clean Earbuds is clean the battery connection. It’s crucial to routinely clean the case and the connectors of truly wireless earphones like AirPods that are kept in a charging case.

The majority of wireless earbuds charge using tiny pins and metal pads, which can become clogged with dust and earwax. You might discover that your earbuds won’t charge properly when this occurs.

Apple advises washing the AirPods case and earphones using a dry cloth to clean the inside of the case. To clean the pins on the inside of the casing and the earbud connectors, we prefer to use a cotton swab wet (not dripping!) with isopropyl alcohol.

If your over-ear headphones don’t seem to be charging regularly, you may also try this procedure on the charging ports on those devices. The tool we mentioned above has a brush side that is ideal for cleaning the tiny USB-C and Micro-USB ports, which are prone to be clogged with pocket lint.

  • Clean your headphones after each workout, and let them air dry completely before charging

How To Clean Earbuds

Even if your headphones are sweat- and water-resistant, don’t leave them wet for an extended amount of time because moisture can slowly seep into the battery compartments or the earbuds themselves and produce a short or harm the drivers. Before putting true wireless earphones into their charging case, dry them off. (Even swim headphones should be completely dry before being stored.) Avoid letting moisture get inside the nozzles or earcups of over-ear or in-ear headphones.

If you need to remove your headphones in the middle of a run or you are unable to wait for them to completely dry before leaving the gym, gently shake off any leftover moisture, turn off the power, and store them in the included case or a small zip-top food baggie. Without a water-resistant casing, avoid keeping your earbuds in your sports bra or pocket of your exercise shorts. Both of these areas are sweat-collecting and prevent the earphones from drying completely as they should. After that, wipe the earphones when you go home and let them air dry as described above. Now, you all know How To Clean Earbuds after 3 steps, don’t you?

3. How frequently should headphones be cleaned?

The frequency of earbud or headphone cleaning is not governed by any hard and fast rules. Depending on how frequently you wear your headphones, what you’re doing while wearing them, and the temperature where you reside, the frequency may alter.

For instance, you should regularly wash out any headphones you use frequently and store them on your desk. If you perspire a lot, you might need to wipe clean your gym earbuds after each use.

The finest piece of advice for How To Clean Earbuds is to watch your belongings. Clean your headphones as soon as you see earwax, dust, oil, sweat, or fingerprints that are stuck to them. Postponing this will just result in more muck and make your job more difficult.

4. How to keep your headphones cleaned longer by storing them properly?

  • When not in use, keep them in a bag or case.

This will shield them from scuffs, impacts, and debris. Use the case you received when you purchased them, or get one later. Just make sure the case you select is the right size for your set of headphones.

  • Avoid using or storing your headphones in extremely hot or cold conditions.

It’s not a good idea to store headphones in saunas or car trunks, especially if they have batteries. Even if they are water-resistant, avoid keeping them in a humid environment or when they are wet for extended periods of time. Keep a silica gel pack in the bag for additional protection

  • Do not store headphones that are powered with the charge port or battery compartment exposed.

The port can let in dirt and dust even if your headphones won’t get wet. If your headphones don’t have a charging door and only have a Micro-USB or USB-C connector, regularly clean the port as previously mentioned. Before plugging in if you’ve been exercising or strolling in the rain, look inside the port for any signs of water.

  • Avoid bunching, kinking, or wrapping the cord of your device while it is still plugged in when using wired earbuds or headphones.
  • Hold the socket or cable end, never the cable itself, to unplug your headphones or charging case.