How To Block Adults Websites On My iPhone With Easiest Ways?

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How To Block Adults Websites On My iPhone – When you have family or children around, seeing adult content on your screen can be terrifying. Malware is a major contributor to viral content reaching our screens. Many users fall victim to the question, “How do I block adult websites on my phone?” So, in this article, we’ll go over six different approaches. You can use whichever you prefer best based on your requirements.

How To Block Adults Websites On My iPhone?

How To Block Adults Websites On My iPhone?
How To Block Adults Websites On My iPhone?

Here are 6 ways to answer the question How To Block Adults Websites On My iPhone you can follow. All of them are really convenient and simple to follow, so you can easily do it with your iPhone.

Enable Google SafeSearch.

Enabling the Google Safe Search feature, which blocks explicit or unsuitable videos and images from Google Search, is the finest way to block porn on a device. It acts as a barrier against malicious content. Every web browser allows you to toggle this feature on and off. When activated, it will begin blocking potentially harmful images, videos, as well as websites, while browsing the web the Play Store or the Internet.

  • Set Google as Your Search Engine- Check your browser’s settings and make sure Google is set as the search engine of choice.
  • Enable SafeSearch- Open the Google app on your smartphone and tap the gear icon. Scroll down to Search Settings and select “Filter explicit results” from the SafeSearch filters.
  • Check & Recheck All Devices Periodically- Perform the preceding steps for all devices that require SafeSearch and check the settings on a regular basis.

OpenDNS Implementation

Using OpenDNS effectively prevents any website that contains objectionable content. When you connect to the Internet, your ISP’s DNS is used. However, if you replace it with OpenDNS’s DNS, all traffic will be sifted through their servers, which will block adult websites.

The OpenDNS Family Shield IP addresses are:


The service restricts pornographic content from the “Tasteless,” “Pornography,” and “Sexuality” categories. This service also blocks anonymizers,  phishing websites, proxies, and certain malware.

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Use Google Play Limitations

You can block adult apps on the Google Play Store for your children or yourself. Open the Google Play Store Settings and select Parental Controls. Turn on the feature and generate a PIN to block unwanted content. If you are doing this for children, you can set age limits for different categories based on their age.

Install a Secure Web Browser

As an alternative to conventional browsers, download a secure browser. Such a browser would have already blocked the majority of adult content and would only allow safe content to be downloaded. So set it as your default browser.

Enable the Web Filter.

You can enable any web filter which you find acceptable because it will block any adult content as well as a porn site. Select something that allows you to customize site access. Different web filters address different requirements. Make an informed decision.

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Set up Parental Controls

If you are doing this for your children, you can install a parental control app on the device that will track all activities such as browsing history,  emails, calls, text messages, videos, photos, GPS location, emails, contacts, social media apps, and so on.

The bottom line

I hope your question, “How To Block Adults Websites On My iPhone,” is clear. These methods are all extremely effective. Please let us know which one you intend to use. If you have any additional suggestions, please leave them in the comments section below.