CBackup- The Best Free Unlimited Cloud Storage For Lifetime

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To assist you in finding the best free unlimited cloud storage for lifetime for you, this post will include the most popular cloud storage types and their respective service providers. Continue reading below for more information from

Can I get free unlimited cloud storage for lifetime?

Your data is protected from local and natural disasters, including system failure, hardware problems, viruses, fire, theft, and more with cloud storage because it is kept on a remote server. Additionally, since the service provider has complete control over the cloud storage, you may focus your attention on other important tasks without worrying about data security. Additionally, cloud storage allows you to view your information from anywhere at any time.

Most cloud drive services, in general, only provide limited cloud storage, such as 2 GB, 5 GB, 10 GB, or 15 GB, which is obviously insufficient for the majority of us if you use the cloud drive as a backup option to save local data online. For greater cloud storage capacity beyond the original free cloud space, you must upgrade your cloud account, which will cost you considerably more. Can we have free unlimited cloud storage for lifetime? Definitely yes. Let’s get started by concentrating on this issue and identifying answers for how to obtain limitless cloud storage.

Features that are fundamental to free unlimited cloud storage for lifetime possibilities

Genuinely limitless cloud storage

When looking for the finest free unlimited cloud storage for lifetime, all you want is limitless access to the internet. Please review the specifics and fine print of your chosen plan; you’ll receive some helpful warning messages, such as file size limits when uploading and bandwidth restrictions, among other things.

Increased transfer rate

Almost all cloud storage requires a strong internet connection, which includes local internet speed and provider features. How much time you spend depends on these factors. A service that makes use of solid-state hard drives and modern servers will significantly increase the speed of the internet connection. Block-level transfer, a speed-oriented function that simply backs up altered portions of files, is another helpful feature.

Contemporary Security Protocols

Another notable feature for consumers who want limitless cloud backup to physical storage is this. Check to see if the provider uses cutting-edge security protocols, such as zero-knowledge encryption, 256-bit AES (TLS/SSL) encryption, end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, and the ability to delete login information remotely, in order to prevent unauthorized access, cyberattacks, or the risk of data loss.

Applications and access

Flexible access is the primary feature of most cloud storage systems. However, not all of them offer iOS and Android mobile apps or desktop software for Mac, Windows, or Linux. Before using any cloud-based program, you should examine.

The Best Free Unlimited Cloud Storage For Lifetime


Key features:

  • Flexible cloud backup and transfer
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • Backing up to common cloud drives
  • Combining cloud storage will provide you infinite, cost-free cloud storage.
  • Rapid uploading
  • Versioning of files innumerable
  • OAuth
  • Cloud drive administration
  • Encryption from end to end
  • Incremental sync and backup

The Best Free Unlimited Cloud Storage For Lifetime

CBackup is a supplier of free cloud backup and transfer services. By combining the free space of sufficient cloud disks, it is possible to backup files to the cloud without restriction and obtain limitless free cloud storage. Additionally, there will be no file size restriction and limitless file versions. Furthermore, you can manage all of your cloud drives and their data from a single interface.

The only free unlimited cloud storage for lifetime so far is this one. If you want to manage many cloud drive accounts, this is a great option. Because sufficient cloud disks are needed for infinite storage, you might include cloud drives like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and other services in CBackup to acquire services like OneDrive with unlimited capacity.

The Best Free Method for Free Unlimited Cloud Storage For Lifetime

Here, we’ll presume you have unlimited Google Drive or other cloud accounts. Here are the specific procedures you need to follow to gain unlimited Google Drive storage using CBackup.

1. Please download and install the CBackup Desktop program, join up for a free CBackup account, and then use it.

2. Clicking the My Storage icon > Select Google Drive > click Authorize Now. Then carry out the procedures to give CBackup the power. To add other Google Drive accounts or other clouds, repeat the procedure.

The Best Free Method for Free Unlimited Cloud Storage For Lifetime

3. Selecting the My Storage tab in the left side > Click the + Add Combined Cloud button

4. Tick the box for unlimited Google Drive accounts or other clouds, then click Next.

The Best Free Method for Free Unlimited Cloud Storage For Lifetime

5. To acquire Google Drive unlimited capacity for life, arrange your Google Drive accounts in the order you want to save data, then click Combine.

You can now effortlessly perform cloud backup with unlimited cloud storage by copying your files to the unlimited Google storage and taking advantage of the free unlimited cloud storage for life. Additionally, you might combine cloud storage by adding other cloud drives. You could also backup your information to many clouds, including CBackup Cloud, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and others.


Speaking of unlimited cloud storage, CBackup is the best free unlimited cloud storage for lifetime. We hope you are successful when getting this infinite cloud storage.

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