Why should we buy Energy Sistem Headphones 1 Bluetooth?

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It is deniable that the appearance of the Energy Sistem Headphones 1 Bluetooth is improbable to get the love of customers because it is designed with glossy plastic. However, “never judge a book by its cover”, its shining will catch some attention of buyers.

The earcups are designed to be a compact trapezoidal shape instead of a round or rectangular shape to cover the ears like other brands, the Energy Sistem Headphones 1 Bluetooth has made a difference when it comes to making a change in the earcups. They can be rotated slightly for a better fit and have three rear controls. One button to increase or decrease the volume, one button to multi-function between them. The right side has a micro USB port for charging, while the left has a jack for the inline cap, allowing you to connect both Bluetooth and wire. Energy System Headphones are small space enough to adjust to fit head sizes and are very compact. 

With a weight of about 137 grams, these are not the bulky and heavy headsets, they can be easily pocketed without the need of a box, but will sometimes cause scratches because of the plastic material.



Energy Sistem Headphones 1 Bluetooth Blue



That plastic of the Energy Sistem Headphones is also the reason why people looked a little at the cheap, low quality. Some people find it interesting, but most of them who saw it shook their heads at the unsightly design, and such earcups will allow other outside sounds to pass in.

However, their perception changed positively when they put them on. Smartphone devices like iPhones or Android, with just one simple step of connecting to the Bluetooth list, you can immediately use it without app support. The Energy System headphones deliver very good sound, there is no noise and cancellation. The strap is also quite sturdy and does not slip when walking. And of course, should not be worn during exercise or vigorous activities because excessive movement will cause them to move around the ears. The soft inner lining makes us comfortable when pressed to the ear. Although it does not block external sound, if it is adjusted a little to fit our ears, the external sound effects are almost eliminated.

The sound of Energy Sistem Headphones 1 Bluetooth

The sound is above average and the customers who have used it love it. If you’re a music connoisseur with outstanding instrumental and vocals, this will be a great product, it sounds like what you hear. Fans of country, folk, and classics will satisfy these as much as those with a slant of jazz, and those who like high-pitched music like Rock will be quite disappointed as these headphones have low volume levels. There’s a bit of noise at high volumes, but it’s not very high.

Energy Sistem Headphones 1 Bluetooth


Although there are limitations in volume issues, the product is highly rated by consumers on forums with many 5* votes for an enjoyable audio experience. The headset is also Bluetooth connected to the TV to watch shows like Netflix or the news with rare problems. But connecting Bluetooth on multiple devices will have transmission limitations, so I do not recommend doing so.

How to use the buttons?

On the right side are the volume control buttons by pressing and holding to increase or decrease the sound. Additionally, the multifunction button in the middle is really convenient with a press to turn it on and off, to pair (press longer), to receive and reject calls, and also to make calls. Everything seems too hard to remember, but it’s easy to get it up and running after a few uses. However, the clicking sound when clicking makes the user uncomfortable. Another problem is that when you’re on a call, I don’t recommend being in a place where it’s too noisy because the person on the other end of the phone may not be able to hear what you’re saying.

The battery of Energy Sistem Headphones 1 Bluetooth

Battery life reaches up to 8 hours and will be about 7 and a half hours of listening to higher maximum volumes. Charge the headphones for about an hour and a half and, of course, if the battery runs out you can use the inline cable to plug in the 3.5mm audio jack. The range of use when connecting to Bluetooth is about 10m, if you go farther, the headset will automatically disconnect. 

Some colors of Energy Sistem Hedphones

More product details:

Brand Energy Sistem
Colour Red, Black, Blue, White
Connector Type Wireless
Model Name ENERGY HEADPHONES 1 Bluetooth 
Headphones Jack Bluetooth

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