Benefits of Cloud PBX for Team Collaboration

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Collaboration inside the company and successful commercial transactions depend on an efficient communication infrastructure. Cloud PBX is a popular option for businesses of all sizes. But it’s impossible to fully consider your options without also coming across Cloud PBX for team collaboration. Can you really have the best of both worlds, one could ask. In this post, will go over the specifics of integrating a Cloud PBX for team collaboration, the advantages of doing so

Features of Cloud PBX for team collaboration

Cloud PBX for team collaboration
Cloud PBX for team collaboration

Native user experience enterprise-grade telephony for your Microsoft Teams users.

Packed with PBX features

Standard call settings

Call handling and IVR

Calls are automatically recorded

Call analytics and reports

Call lines

Local and toll-free numbers in more than 100 countries, including full PSTN in more than 40 of those.

ready-to-use native integrations that boost user productivity.

No need to manage communication infrastructure, SIP trunks, or SBCs.

Adoption is made simple because there are no additional interfaces or downloads needed.

Gives your teams improved PBX and telephony tools to provide your projects a genuine productivity boost.

Reduce the amount of tools your users must utilize, saving money on administration, training, and costs.

Utilize modern enhanced communications to reduce costs and improve the level of service provided to your users.

Control management

Administrators may centrally manage every user in their organization, including Microsoft Teams members, from a single, user-friendly interface. Thanks to this integration’s support for Single Sign-on, Teams users are immediately authorized and connected to their Rainbow Office communications account when they check in to Teams.

Intuitive, simple to use, and powerful

Users may utilize the same Teams interface they’ve been using without any additional downloads, bots, or plugins because the Rainbow Office Cloud PBX for team collaboration connects immediately into Teams. Users receive the benefits of both Teams and Rainbow Office in a one platform, increasing productivity and simplifying adoption because no retraining is necessary.

  • Users of Rainbow Office PBX for Microsoft Teams benefit from the Microsoft Teams user interface for a completely native Teams experience. The Microsoft Teams call functionalities are all still available and are all documented.
  • Total control – The service can be used without any user input. There are fewer obstacles to utilizing Teams integrated calling’s benefits because there is no software to set up or manage.

Benefits of Cloud PBX for team collaboration

Cloud PBX for team collaboration
Cloud PBX for team collaboration

All of your users have access to connecting with one another and with other parties on a single communication platform, regardless of whether they are Teams users, clients, or partners. Through our user-friendly user interface, users can control their communication options and communicate and work together using any device.

Supporting your IT and business needs

When aiming to achieve productivity and user satisfaction increases by fully utilizing Microsoft Teams, Rainbow Office Cloud PBX for team collaboration meets important criteria of both the IT teams and the business managers.

IT administrators:

  • Make calls and voicemails available to Microsoft Teams users.
  • Lessen the amount of software that needs to be managed without sacrificing user features
  • Prefer using Cloud services vs investing in capital hardware and software
  • There is no change to their current voice and IT infrastructure.

Business managers:

  • Want consumers’ productivity to rise by combining calls and collaboration without requiring them to learn or use another software suite.
  • Offer a straightforward subscription service devoid of a costly project.
  • Give users of PC, Mac, and mobile devices full communication mobility.
  • Allow BYOD (bring your own device)

Robust Analytics

Use the Rainbow Office Analytics Portal to gather meaningful data about your Teams calls and to identify significant trends among customers, teams, and the company at large. You may make major changes with real-time data to drive business decisions, set up automated alerts, and produce targeted reports by using simple and customized out-of-the-box KPIs and indicators.

Out-of-the-box Business Application Integrations

Users have freedom thanks to our native integrations with a variety of widely used business software. You’ll save time by not having to switch between your preferred productivity apps when you can make and receive calls directly from them. Attach call log information and provide links to call recordings in your favorite CRM.

Enterprise-Grade Telephony

Cloud PBX for team collaboration
Cloud PBX for team collaboration

Rainbow Office’s industry-leading 99.999% uptime offers dependable HD audio wherever business takes you thanks to its seven levels of enterprise-grade security and geo-redundant data centers spread throughout the globe.

Next-Level Teamwork and Collaboration

Everything that makes a firm successful—customer service, professional work ethics, strong sales, and profits—is based on teamwork and collaboration.

Microsoft Team integration with your cloud phone system enables users to collaborate more effectively toward a common objective. While taking advantage of a variety of collaboration tools that are available across the entire organization, they can continue to use desk phones and a PBX system that functions normally.

In the end, this unified communications system encourages a transparent, approachable, and cooperative working atmosphere that enhances communication, information sharing, problem-solving, and the overall customer experience.

Remote Work Made Easy

The workplace has seen significant upheaval in recent years. No longer does “real” work solely take place in an office environment. Today, remote workers are crucial to the success of many firms, but maintaining contact with the rest of the team remains one of their biggest challenges.

By delivering tools that can expedite work and communications from any place, Microsoft Teams capabilities make remote employment more social.

Gain Access From Multiple Devices

Cloud PBX for team collaboration is now simpler than ever thanks to Microsoft Teams integration, which also offers access to a Cloud-based PBX via various devices. Laptops, desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones (using the Teams app) are some examples of these gadgets.

Because it addresses the various circumstances that employees encounter, this multi-device access is useful. Some people work from home, while others commute or work in an office.