Cloud PBX for International Calls

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Use Cloud PBX for international calls or the Microsoft Teams International Calling solution, which both make use of the Office 365 phone system, if you require a global phone system or unified communications solution. You can link all of your locations to a single phone system platform using Microsoft Teams calling. will provide some of information for you in this post.

Calls made between your sites using Global PBX are always free.

Cloud PBX for international calls
Cloud PBX for international calls

The Comms Group worldwide Cloud PBX for international calls provides unmatched call quality with low latency and CLI presentation thanks to network nodes in 16 countries across five continents and support from 25 worldwide POPs. On our international phone system, DID numbers are available from more than 100 nations (6,000 cities), and we can port numbers from more than 70 countries.

This implies that your offices in Singapore, Tokyo, Beijing, or Mumbai can make international voice calls to your offices in Manila, Los Angeles, Sydney, London, and Hong Kong utilizing the same phone system from the same provider running over the same global network. It translates to excellent call quality and increased team output.

Every call made using Cloud PBX for international calls between your sites is free.

Cloud PBX for international calls
Cloud PBX for international calls

Using a network of more than 30 international carrier partners and our 25 worldwide ports of presence, we can connect our Cloud PBX for international calls into more than 100 nations. In more than 70 countries, we support number porting. In more than 100 countries, we support DID. If number porting is not an option, we also offer PSTN and ISDN SIP gateway solutions. Using your own gear, our Cloud Business Phone System, our affordable international SIP solutions, or Microsoft Teams Direct route are all options. In dealing with Comms Group Global, you have an option.

We can provide and assist you with anything from Hybrid Cloud PBX for international calls and Microsoft Teams Calling to Call Recording, Analytics, Conferencing, and Web SMS. International Contact Centers that follow the sun are also available. We do

Global Call Quality

Cloud PBX for international calls
Cloud PBX for international calls

Our Cloud PBX for international calls utilizes a network of POPs and SBCs that are connected by a global 10Gbps fiber network with numerous layers of redundancy to provide minimal latency across the globe. You get calls with unbelievable quality thanks to this.

We can serve our international Microsoft Teams call plans and offer local geographic DIDs into more than 100 countries thanks to our SBCs in Shanghai, Tokyo, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Manila, Beijing, San Jose, Sydney, Frankfurt, Melbourne, and Washington, DC.

Global DID Availability

For your clients all across the world, assign new numbers or port old ones. Local DIDs are accessible in each of the mentioned places. In most places, toll-free and mobile numbers are available.

Bring your international numbers with you

Because of our porting agreements with carriers in almost 70 different countries, you may continue using your company’s phone number and do business as usual. Alternately, we may offer you brand-new DIDs in more than 100 nations. No matter your location, Comms Group can assist.

Number portability not available in your Country? We have the answer!

If you have a number in a place that isn’t currently covered by number portability, we can route your DIDs across our global network using a PSTN/ISDN/VoIP Gateway.

Managed by CommsChoice The On-premise SBC Solution connects the customer’s standard telephony connection (such as ISDN or PSTN) with a nearby Session Border Controller (SBC) that is deployed locally and managed by us, enabling direct dialing from Microsoft Teams. By using this solution, the customer can continue to use existing local voice carriage and DIDs while taking use of Microsoft Teams calling capabilities. Additionally, the system offers ways to link onsite analog equipment like fax machines, business phones, and others.

International Contact Centre Solutions

Our service and support is solar-powered, which is crucial for international contact centers all around the world.

No matter where you are, The Comms Group’s (formerly known as Commschoice’s) global network of POPs and SBCs for MS Teams network nodes offers users a single carrier solution.

All of your geographically distributed international contact center locations will be connected to the same telco network via Comms Group’s highly redundant, always-on contact center phone system.

We have collaborated with call centers all around the world to create streamlined, high-quality Multinational Call Centre solutions, so we are aware of your needs and the things that are significant to you.

Between your sites, all Global PBX calls are free.

Throw away the box

You are no longer need to purchase and maintain rigid on-premises Cloud PBX for international calls hardware. Hosted Voice supports the cloud. So that you can concentrate on your main business, we manage platform security, software, and upgrades. no matter where you are.

True mobiliyt

Users can access the platform from their preferred device, whether it’s a desk phone, laptop, or mobile, no matter where they are working from.

A scalable global phone symyem

Order the capacity you require right away, then add more as your business expands. All through a user-friendly, secure web portal.

One global platform. One solution

Regardless of your dispersed foreign locations, manage your corporate communications from a single, integrated platform. Imagine being able to transfer a caller to your Chicago office or short-dial colleagues in India as if they were just next door.

Can’t measure it? Can’t manage.

Improve customer experience and visibility with feature-rich analytics software that tracks and records call information in real-time.

Its just so simple

Endpoints, call plans, and all the rich telephony capabilities you require are all offered by a single communications provider, along with quick 24/7 support from some of the top IP Voice Engineers in the world.