Cloud PBX for Instant Messaging and Presence

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One of the most crucial choices a business owner can make is to update the company’s phone system. Perhaps you’ve been using an on-premises PBX but suddenly realized it can’t handle the demands of a remote staff.
IT professionals frequently research cloud-based calling solutions for their organizations as they consider their possibilities. Along with the increased flexibility and dependability, there are a number of advantages and disadvantages to take into account. In this post, will provide for you more information about Features Cloud PBX for instant messaging and presence.

What is a Cloud PBX?

Cloud PBX for instant messaging and presence
Cloud PBX for instant messaging and presence

A hosted PBX, also referred to as a cloud PBX, is a company phone system that utilizes the internet. A VoIP service will install the Private Branch Exchange (PBX) hardware for you, so you don’t need to.

In essence, a cloud PBX offers all the features required in an office phone system, including calling, voicemail, call forwarding, and so on. You would use a VoIP service for your business’s communications rather than establishing a server that you would have to maintain.

VoIP handsets turn the sound from when your personnel responds or places calls into data packets. These packets are sent to the hosted PBX provider through the internet. The service provider creates a distinct calling path between the two parties. Transfers control to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) as necessary.
Data packets are converted back to sound by the business phone system once they arrive at their destination. Without any additional setting, it completes all of this in milliseconds. See the illustration below to get a sense of the procedure. Here is a diagram showing how it would appear in a single workplace.

To use a Cloud PBX for instant messaging and presence, all you need is a dependable broadband connection. All IP phones, including conference phones, desk phones, and mobile phones, are supported by the underlying technology.

Cloud PBX for instant messaging and presence


Cloud PBX for instant messaging and presence
Cloud PBX for instant messaging and presence

Cloud PBX for instant messaging and presence Solutions for hosted PBX are affordable, dependable, and scalable. There is no onsite PBX equipment for your company to buy or maintain. United manages everything remotely instead. At a low monthly cost, our Hosted PBX solution offers cutting-edge capabilities like voicemail-to-email, conference bridges, phone queues, and more. We offer expert installation and continuous support.

While the equipment and administration work is kept out of sight and out of mind, phone system enhancements and new extensions can be turned on or pushed out instantly.

Our speech solutions are adaptable and enable you to swiftly respond to changing requirements, market difficulties, and business possibilities. You can add local or toll-free numbers if necessary and keep your current numbers with any of our plans.

Benefits include no upfront costs, sparing network bandwidth use, lack of maintenance, redundant data centers, training, and support.


Cloud PBX for instant messaging and presence. A basic copper line to sophisticated PRIs and SIP Trunks are all extra voice services that United Communications may provide your company.

We have the following enterprise-level connectivity:


Your team will be empowered by Voice, Video, and Messaging provided to them on any device and in any place thanks to Cloud Unified Communications (UCaaS). Through presence, instant messaging, persistent file sharing, and high-quality video conferencing, it helps your workers collaborate more successfully.

Cloud telephony features include video collaboration, presence, messaging, and content sharing.


Your PBX can physically connect to our network using PRI Trunks. By utilizing your current PBX system, you can control costs, ensure business continuity in the event of a crisis, and make the most of your phone’s features across our private IP network. The dependability and scalability of United’s PRI Trunks make it a wonderful alternative if you want to expand your business.

Features: International Calling; Business Voice Continuity; Destination Unreachable; Direct Inward Dial (DID); Direct Outward Dial (DOD); Call Detail Records (CDR); Security

Team collaboration

Cloud PBX for instant messaging and presence
Cloud PBX for instant messaging and presence

Cloud PBX for instant messaging and presence Collaboration solutions are now crucial for effective company communication due to the rise of home offices. The right platform is provided by various team messaging features, which make it easier for information to flow within teams. To quickly and effectively gather ideas, exchange files, or initiate audio and video conferences with screen sharing, group people into departments, teams, or projects.

Instant messaging (IM)

Instant messaging services like WhatsApp are already widely used in the private sphere. A chat capability is becoming increasingly important for quick and simple communication in the business world, which is likewise evolving in this direction. An additional component of instant messaging is chat between staff and potential clients. Increased client satisfaction may result from the improved accessibility.

Virtual telephone systems

Cloud PBX for instant messaging and presence. As a business, you may now purchase your PBX from a supplier as a web-based service. In addition to VoIP-capable handsets (SIP telephones), no further hardware needs to be set up. As before, you can accept calls on your regular desk phone or through a headset connected to your computer. These cloud phone systems are becoming more and more popular among Swiss businesses.