Cloud PBX for Call Recording And Monitoring

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Cloud PBX for call recording and monitoring options for your company, ensuring that you may record all calls while also abiding by industry rules.

A well executed call recording is a very strong product that may be used to resolve conflicts and verify data.
All the features required for a commercial telecoms solution are included in our call recording system. With just a few clicks, you will be able to quickly search and sort records based on time/date, inbound or outbound phone number, agent extension, timestamp, recording length, and many other criteria. wil provide for you some information about Cloud PBX for call recording and monitoring.

Advantage of Cloud PBX for call recording and monitoring:

Cloud PBX for call recording and monitoring
Cloud PBX for call recording and monitoring

Versadial’s VSLogger recorder, which combines Cloud PBX for call recording and monitoring, quality assurance, real-time team performance dashboards, and in-depth reporting, gives you a strong tool for workforce optimization and incident recreation. Our U.S.-based developers and support team can respond to your needs in a timely and effective manner.

  • Reliable: Operates unattended for years
  • Innovative: yearly bespoke development and 1-2 big updates
  • Quick learning curve and low overall cost of ownership
  • Scalable: Each recorder can record 2 to 999 lines.
  • Compatible: evaluated on numerous reputable PBX manufacturers

Easily Find Calls And Play Them Back

Search using a number of criteria to focus on particular calls. The software allows for the loading and playback of audio and video files. No need to download to your desktop or launch a new window to playback. Granular search criteria and several filters can be used to locate particular call types or a single call.

You can perform a search using the following criteria: caller ID, dialed number, notes added to a call, inbound or outbound, call length, flags, and more. You can search the call for uttered phrases or keywords if speech analytics are enabled.

Standard controls and extra features that improve the user experience are included with the audio player. Bookmarks, Notes, Flags, Mixed Playback, Playback Speed, and more.v

Quality Control Management And Coaching

Cloud PBX for call recording and monitoring
Cloud PBX for call recording and monitoring

Need to provide effective training and grade employees? Conducting general QC reviews and grading calls are both made simple by our QC module. Create customized forms that fit your business model and provide employee or management reviews for additional training. Run quality control reports to keep an eye on the development of your staff. And sure, it is free of charge and included.

For tutoring, a URL for training material can be attached to each question and segment. Simply create a link to your intranet training site to enable agents and staff to access training materials. Send only the training needed for that portion if they receive a poor score in a certain section.

Interactive Timeline

We provide a special and dynamic timeline view in addition to our usual table view of all recorded calls for search and playback. A graphical view called Timeline View offers a visual representation of call activities in time order. In a visual timeline style, you may observe agent activity and call volume during peak hours. A video file is represented by blue, an audio file is represented by green, and the selected Cloud PBX for call recording and monitoring is now playing in red.

In-Depth Call Reports

Run reports using all Cloud PBX for call recording and monitoring you have.Analyze seasonal patterns, get a thorough report on your busiest season, and schedule your hours accordingly. Find out what time of day or what day of the week has the most call volume. Utilize this information to staff appropriately and plan out precise break times and hours. decreasing the length of time clients must wait while calling you, which will improve both their pleasure and your performance overall.

See who is taking care of the most calls for your company, how many incoming and outgoing calls they get, how much production they are producing, and much more.

Desktop Assistant – Provide Control To Agents

A little program called Desktop Assistant runs in the agents’ Windows system tray. Agents may pause, mute, start, stop, make notes on, or flag a call while it is in progress if authorization is granted.

When it comes to PCI compliance or being able to track crucial calls, this is quite useful. Agents can mark certain calls for review if necessary, or they can designate a particular category of calls for review by their management.

The current status of an agent can also be tracked with the help of Desktop Assistant. The status of an agent can be changed to In, Out, On Break, or On Project. Managers can immediately monitor what an agent is doing in this way without having to go check on them in person.

Agent And Team Dashboard – Gamification

Cloud PBX for call recording and monitoring
Cloud PBX for call recording and monitoring

Managers may immediately view the performance of their team or individual agents using our dashboard view. Are they on the phone? At a break? or working on a task like training or reviews. Check right away if you have enough people on hand to efficiently handle all incoming and outgoing calls during peak hours. Establish a lively and competitive environment within your company or call center by keeping track of which agents are performing better than the rest.

Responsive User Interface

Our user interface was created to adapt to your device. Using a tablet or a phone, access Cloud PBX for call recording and monitoring wherever you are. With a compatible web browser capable device, you can effortlessly listen to your agents because the interface will automatically resize to match your device.

Speech Analytics And PC Screen Capture (Add-On)

Speech analytics changes the game entirely for your company. Calls can be quickly filtered based on keywords or keyphrases. Automatically track patterns and problems, search calls based on the words or phrases said during the call, and much more.

Record the PC screen of one of your agents and have their Cloud PBX for call recording and monitoring synchronized with it. Managers can review your agents’ whole workflow by screen capture.Take two monitors at once and record them. When the agent answers the phone, screen capturing begins. Managers have the option of manually starting the recording via the UI. In addition to the Cloud PBX for call recording and monitoring, the screen capture pauses and resumes to comply with PCI and HIPAA regulations.

Custom Integration With Other Business Software

Need to interface with your internal systems, such as CRM, utility software, collections software, and others? Versadial offers tailored interaction with various products, enabling you to move between your current software and our recorder without any difficulty.

Connect the two systems to give management and users quick access to consumer data and recorded details. We have merged with a lot of other software providers and have all of our developers on staff right here in Irvine, California. As a result, we are familiar with the everyday demand and requirements for a seamless connection and user experience.