Necessary of cloud PBX for call center management

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Depending on your company’s key demands, you should choose between cloud PBX and cloud contact center. In this article, ’ll get to understand cloud PBX for call center management.

Necessary of cloud PBX for call center management
Necessary of cloud PBX for call center management

What is Cloud PBX for call center management ?

What is Cloud PBX for call center management ?. PBX is a PBX system that is hosted on a cloud service without the additional expense of infrastructure administration.

A PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a private telephone network used within a business or organization to interact both internally and externally utilizing Voice over IP, ISDN, or analog communication methods.

The Cloud PBX may carry out the phone calls using traditional telephone hardware, computer-integrated telephony, or a softphone system. All of the functionalities of Cloud PBX and more are available with cloud contact centers. Let’s examine the capabilities of Cloud PBX.

Screen pop-ups – cloud PBX for call center management.

For a more individualized customer experience, screen pop-ups for agents managing calls from their IP desk phones or softphones display a caller’s information along with interaction history. Agents can deliver a first-call resolution with the help of the information by taking the appropriate action. Screen pop-ups – cloud PBX for call center management

Find me – Follow me

A function called Find Me-Follow Me makes it possible to receive calls on various phones or devices while in various locations.

An agent can map both their IP desk phones and mobile phones to a DID (Direct Inward Dialing) number so that when they receive a call, both their desk phone and mobile phone ring and the agent has the option to answer from either device.

The productivity of the agent is improved by this feature.

What is Cloud PBX for call center management ?What is Cloud PBX for call center management ?

Direct Inward Dialing (DID)

A corporation can map many numbers to a trunk line using the Direct Inward Dialing (DID) feature, which eliminates the need for a physical line into the Cloud PBX for each potential connection.

A business may publish 50 customer service numbers that the general public can call using 10 physical telephone lines (referred to as “trunk lines”). This permits seven simultaneous calls, after which there will be a busy signal for incoming calls until one of the calls is finished or can leave a voicemail.

DID makes it possible to departmentalize calls for precise call routing that provides a more individualized and satisfying customer experience.

Click – to – call – cloud PBX for call center management

Click-to-call – cloud PBX for call center management. The strain of manual dialing is removed, along with the chance for dialing errors, with a click-to-call option.

Regardless of the program they’re using, agents can switch between calls with a simple click. Screen pop’s extra features improve the ability to address client demands right away.

Additionally, Click-to-Call offers the ability to instantly submit call notes and record calls. More leads can be called by the sales staff more effectively, which leads to more deals being closed and money being made.

Collaboration features – cloud PBX for call center management

In order to provide the best possible customer service, agents can work together with their managers or fellow agents via screen sharing, call conferencing, or call transfer. Collaboration features – cloud PBX for call center management

How about Cloud Contact Centers?

Cloud contact centers incorporate all the characteristics outlined above as well as other offerings, as was previously indicated. See them listed below.

Public API for Quick Integration

There are certain Cloud Contact Centers that do not provide an Open API for easy integration. However, to save time and money, it is crucial to pick a comprehensive cloud solution that does.

Integration with other programs, like as CRM software, payment solutions, chat solutions,… is quick and simple with a cloud-based contact center. Agents can have a consolidated picture of interactions across all channels with an omnichannel interface, which will significantly improve the customer experience.

How about Cloud Contact Centers
How about Cloud Contact Centers

Detailed Real-time Reporting & Analytics

A corporation can better understand client needs with the help of effective reporting and data analysis.
You can receive integrated Google BI & Analytics for real-time monitoring, contact history, and graphical custom reports from the correct cloud contact center provider, giving you quick insight into the performance of your staff.
The supervisor receives insightful information on call reports, such as call dropout and abandonment rates, as well as agent-level data, such as the typical handling time, shrinkage rate, and first call resolution rate.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Cloud PBX, a cloud call center can forward calls to agents depending on several factors, such as skill-based routing or VIP calls.

Call center agents have gotten more specialized because to skill-based routing.

Agents with the best-fit skillset get a first-hand look at such requests when a consumer contacts with a requirement relating to a particular field, boosting the tailored customer experience.

Different queues for various campaigns can be managed using ACD. Customers can call a certain agent based on their preferences thanks to the sticky agent feature.

Customizable Advanced Dialers

Your agents’ productivity can be raised with a dialer that is configurable. Predictive dialer features, for example, automatically and sequentially start outgoing calls from a contact list.

Based on the availability of the agents and the length of each call, a predictive dialer places outbound calls using predictive statistical algorithms.

Due to machine learning enabled by AI, this function allows the dialer to predict the length of the upcoming call.

A comprehensive cloud contact center gives you the opportunity to configure the predictive dialer to call each number on a list according to the available agents, working as a progressive dialer, depending on the type of campaign.

Progressive dialers can be employed even when the use of predictive dialers is restricted by communication laws.

A CRM integration can be used to provide additional functionalities, such as operating a Preview dialer and giving the agent access to the contact history. The inconvenience and chance of making a mistake when manually dialing a number are both eliminated with a click-to-call option.

Use of AI

The best AI complement is provided by cloud contact center solutions.
Chatbots assist in streamlining B2C communication and increase effectiveness in resolving client issues, enhancing the customer experience, and lowering operating expenses.

90% of firms claim that using bots speeds up the settlement of complaints, according to an MIT Technology report.
Additionally, Automated Speech Recognition (ASR), Speech to Text (STT), Text to Speech (TTS), and Google Dialogflow technologies are included in AI-powered IVR to offer the customized conversational experience.

By determining the caller’s intention and emotional state, sentiment analysis improves customer experiences.
Customers can communicate with your system using their voice and words rather than their fingertips when you use conversational IVR.

Here is a case study for your reference.

Cloud Contact Center or Cloud PBX for call center management

Cloud Contact Center or Cloud PBX for call center management
Cloud Contact Center or Cloud PBX for call center management

The purpose of your business will determine the answer, as was already mentioned.

Even though they both assist a company in streamlining client contacts, Cloud Contact Centre Software performs better than Cloud PBX in terms of increasing the customer experience.

Scalable personalisation tools are available through the Cloud contact center to meet and likely surpass the demands and expectations of today’s customers and boost agent productivity.

It is essential to comprehend your company’s needs before selecting a cloud-based telephony solution. Speak to an expert if you are still unsure about your decision.

Hope you have found the necessary information about Cloud PBX for call center management. will update you with the latest information.