Cloud PBX for Call Analytics and Reporting

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A cloud PBX unified communications phone system for organizations has many advantages, including the provision of incredibly useful data, Cloud PBX for call analytics and reporting the company’s communications. Business leaders and managers must be able to constantly monitor all communications data in order to continue setting and achieving goals, enhancing customer experience and satisfaction, and forging new directions in the face of market turmoil as businesses navigate the disruptions brought on by COVID-19.

According to a recent Sisense survey, 65% of organizations are either keeping or increasing funding on data analytics, despite other cutbacks, and 50% of companies are using data sources, dashboards, or analytics more frequently now than they were before the crisis.

The report also reveals that firms are finding new uses for data and that COVID-19 is having an impact on both of these. Regardless of the size of the business, the three use cases of data analytics that are expanding the fastest are efficiency improvement, customer service, and change and outcome prediction. will provide for you some information about Cloud PBX for call analytics and reporting.

Benefits of Cloud PBX Call Analytics

Cloud PBX for call analytics and reporting
Cloud PBX for call analytics and reporting

Real-time Cloud PBX for call analytics and reporting are vital resources for firms that handle huge volumes of inbound and outbound calls every day. They give the business access to data that can be used to make decisions and succeed in crisis situations and beyond.

Monitoring communications data constantly helps businesses better understand customer behaviors, how employees interact with customers on the phone, and other crucial metrics like peak times, where and when more personnel is needed to handle demand, and the source of sales leads. As a result, businesses that use call analytics can increase customer happiness, customer retention, service quality, and business performance.

Powerful Analytics and Reporting with net2phone

Many reports can be pulled immediately from the user-friendly net2phone dashboard using a robust cloud PBX business phone system, offering your team quick access to actionable data regarding call quality, customer experience, agent performance, and more. You may monitor business success by keeping track of call duration, answered calls, and missed calls. You can also spot patterns of high and low call volume so you can change capacity as necessary. Individual data for every team member and department is visualized.

Businesses can leverage the robust analytics and reporting capabilities of net2phone in a variety of ways to enhance operations and gain a competitive edge. These consist of:

Quality Assurance:Utilize information on wait times, calls that were answered or missed, call length, and other factors. Then, managers may spot trends and determine where the business shines and where it needs to improve.

Improve Employee Performance:You may monitor employee performance using phone analytics without having to listen in on every conversation. You may learn more about particular teams, departments, ring groups, and even welcome menus using call recordings, call durations, and other call log data, and you can create training plans to solve any problems you find.

Boost Customer Service and Satisfaction:You may get exact information from call analytics on client wait times, hold periods, dropped calls, missed calls, and more. Managers can use these insights to develop objectives and work toward higher customer satisfaction and service results.

Identity Trends:Track the pattern of incoming, outgoing, and missed calls on particular days and at specified times to identify your peak periods and determine when you will need to expand employees to handle volume surges.

What you can’t measure, you can’t improve. The robust Cloud PBX for call analytics and reporting, and dashboards from net2phone provide essential insights into the occasions that fuel company performance.To find out more about how our call analytics solutions can help your company, contact net2phone right away.

Voicent PBX: Inbound Call Reports & Analytics

Cloud PBX for call analytics and reporting
Cloud PBX for call analytics and reporting

You can get reports on incoming calls, which is a special feature of Voicent PBX software. You can find out, for instance, how many users pressed the sales button, the help button, and the third option. With the use of these reports, you can determine whether the resources allocated to these divisions are in line with the demand for those divisions from your callers, saving you time and effort from manually analyzing your company’s performance.

graphical reports

With Voicent PBX, you can get visual data on how well your company’s phone system is performing. Simply click a button to generate your visual reports and get daily call volume reports, agent reports, and industry-standard CRM reports.

CRM historical reports

Using the integrated Voicent CRM data, you may obtain historical reports in addition to real-time Cloud PBX for call analytics and reporting. These reports are accessible at any time via the Agent DashboardTM or saved to your desktop.

Agent Sales Statistics

Simply go to the CRM Reports page on the Agent Dashboard and select the report you want to create to track your agents’ output and success in completing transactions. In a bar chart, pie chart, and other visuals, you can see sale quantities broken down by agents.

Publish Data

Cloud PBX for call analytics and reporting
Cloud PBX for call analytics and reporting

When you create reports, you can export this data for use in software like Excel spreadsheets for additional analysis. CSV type data file sheets are exported.

Reports on sales for PBX systems

Reports Organized by Period You can create reports based on certain time periods to better track trends and the success of campaigns.

Call Center Supervisor

Voicent’s Call Center Manager software gives managers access to call recording, whisper coaching, call volume management, line utilization, and real-time agent productivity data.

Selling funnel

The sales funnel report allows you to see how many customers are currently at various points in the company’s sales cycle. You may immediately identify bottlenecks with this report, which will provide the total number of individuals assigned to the various sales position categories, including custom data.

Inbound telephone polls

Voicent PBX can carry out incoming phone polls. After a call for technical support, for example, you should only ask your callers to remain on the line and be transferred to a multi-level Auto Attendant. This multi-level auto attendant serves as your inbound phone survey and can ask inquiries like, “How happy are you with our customer service, on a scale of 1 to 5 on your keypad?