Asian Food Fest Cincinnati: Everything You Need To Know!

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The 11th annual Asian Food Fest Cincinnati is returning to Downtown Cincinnati. Coinciding with Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, the two-day event will celebrate Asian cuisine, entertainment and culture with live performances, food vendors and activities at the Court Street Plaza in downtown. Follow this article, we will provide all the remarkable information about this special festival.

What is Asian food fest Cincinnati?

Founded in 2010, Cincinnati’s vibrant Asian Food Festival brings together local restaurants serving delicious Asian cuisine and other local organizations to showcase the best Asian food and culture.

The participants of this community event can enjoy live music performances, browse a variety of craft shops and sample a selection of authentic Asian dishes and sample some of the finest Asian beers.

Asian food fest Cincinnati

The purpose of Asian food fest Cincinnati

This vibrant community festival celebrates culture and cuisine from Asian countries including Cambodia, China, Hawaii, India, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Nepal, Taiwan, Thailand Lan and Vietnam. While food is definitely the focus of this festival, the event also features live entertainment, local crafts and Asian beer, fun family activities, and more.

The festival is a celebration but the founders also use it as an opportunity to promote diversity and preserve the community’s Asian culture and heritage.

The purpose of Asian Food Fest Cincinnati

When does the festival take place?

Asian Food Fest takes place on Saturday, May 7, from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. and on Sunday, May 8, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Court Street Plaza in downtown Cincinnati.

Who can participate in Asian Food Fest?

Everyone is welcome to participate in this event. Event organizers say more than 40,000 people attended last year’s event, held in October, organized by Covid-19. They expect more people this year.

People  will enjoy dishes from Cambodia, China, Hawaii, India, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Nepal, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Admission to the festival is free but donations are encouraged – proceeds from the festival will go to support the nonprofit Asian American Cultural Association 501 of Cincinnati (AACAC), and to host future Asian cultural events in Greater Cincinnati.

Asian Food Fest Cincinnati

What restaurants and food trucks are participating?

There were a record number of caterers for this year’s festival with over 35 restaurants in the area. There will also be local crafts and Asian beers. Meals will be sold in “small plates” with prices ranging from $2 to $8. Visitors will even have a chance to try the Asian Food Fest’s “secret menu”. Countries featured on the “secret menu” include the Philippines, Cambodia, China and India.
Here are the participating restaurants:
  • Angie Tee’s Kitchen.
  • Black Lotus Dumpling Tea parlor.
  • Blesame International Catering.
  • Boba Cha.
  • Bridges Nepali.
  • China Gourmet.
  • Chino’s Street Food.
  • Christine’s Casual Dining.
  • Cinsoy Foods.
  • Deme Kitchen.
  • Dine-In Hawaiian.
  • Eam Kruesah.
  • Evolve Bakeshop.
  • HiMark.
  • Kampuchea Kitchen.
  • Kona Ice.
  • Kung Fu Tea.
  • LALO Chino Latino.
  • Mahope.
  • Milk Jar Cafe.
  • Neko Sushi.
  • OH! Boba.
  • Ono Turo Turo.
  • Pho Lang Thang.
  • Quan Hapa.
  • Red Sesame.
  • S.E.A. Cuisine Foodtruck.
  • Sawasdee Thai Cuisine.
  • Shanghai On Elm.
  • Stone Bowl Korean.
  • Streetpops.
  • Tea ‘n’ Bowl.
  • Thai Express.
  • Travelin’ Tom’s Coffee Truck.
  • Vannon’s Cambodian Street Food.
  • Wendigo Tea Company

Who’s performing?

Along with the food will be entertainment. There will be dance groups, family-friendly activities, and musical performances by local and national artists, including KIYOMI, JamieBoy, Katherine Ho, and The Simon Tam & Joe Jiang Slants.

Who's performing

Some comments about Asian food fest Cincinnati

Vikas Sondhi, member of the Asian Food Festival planning committee, explains why hosting events like the Asian Food Festival during AAPI Heritage Month is so important for the Cincinnati region. “This gives people more than just a chance to taste the food, get out of your comfort zone and try something different, and then learn deeper into the backgrounds culture of Asia,” says Sondhi.

Spencer Mapes, main event manager for Asian Food Fest, said in a statement: “We are excited for the return of Court Street Plaza and more restaurants in 2022. The restaurants and food will offer people an immersive cultural experience unlike anywhere else in the region.”

JP Leong of the Asian American Cultural Association in Cincinnati,said: “Every year, the Asian Food Fest team is proud to see how the people of the Cincinnati region support these restaurants and businesses, people elsewhere are noticing the fun and unique things we’re doing. They’re driving or flying in from out of town just to experience the Asian Food Festival.”

To summary, this is a unique festival held in Cincinnati with the goal of introducing the best features of Asian culture and cuisine. This is seen as a celebration but also an opportunity to promote diversity and preserve the community’s Asian culture and heritage. This festival should be held annually and is the pride of the people of Cincinnati.

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